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Lactose intolerance in a 15 month old

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Storm15 Sun 01-Feb-15 17:58:15

My DD was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and reflux as a tiny babe, probably a bit later than she should have been. She's always been difficult to feed - by the time she was prescribed meds for the reflux and Neocate, she'd pretty much stopped feeding altogether - boob or bottle.
She's been difficult to wean too - won't be fed, so we're doing BLW.
After a few months of Neocate we started using Aptamil Pepti and then moved on to regular Aptimel and started introducing other dairy foods. All seemed fine for around 6 months.
For the last two months though she's had progressively worse diarrhoea, has been very rashy, very dry skin, red eyes, running nose and a cough. She's had antibiotics and other than making the diarrhoea worse, not much has changed. Doc suggested cutting out dairy again.
My concern is, because she's such a poor eater, we've been relying quite heavily on formula to get calories into her - up to 5 bottles a day still. Since we've cut the dairy, I've started giving her coconut / almond / soy milk in a bottle. She likes the coconut, is less keen on the other two. I tried Aptamil Pepti and Neocate and she wouldn't drink them at all (don't blame her...).
Does anyone have any suggestions on how else to get calories / nutrients into her? I'm thinking coconut milk is probably a lot less nutritious than regular formula?? She's not underweight, on the 20th centile so not huge but not starving either I don't think. We offer her solid food about 5 days times a day; sit her in her high chair with bits of chopped up fruit, bread, veg, pasta, meat etc. She'll put 3 or 4 pieces in her mouth each time, probably half of that will be spat out and the rest will be thrown on the floor. She goes nuts if we try and spoon-feed her.
She's our fourth child. One of my others had bad reflux and was difficult to feed but I'm new to allergies / intolerances. I have bad asthma and had eczema as a child but none of our other kids do.
Thank you.

PixieBaby Sun 01-Feb-15 18:52:25

Hi there - have you found the 'CMPA Support for Weaning' group on Facebook? There is a whole community of mums with babies who are either lactose intolerant or allergic to Cows Milk Protein, plus various other intolerances/ issues (eg coeliac, gluten, wheat).

It is a very supportive and practical group. I highly recommend it. My tips for your question are hummus, avocado and nut butters (if nuts are okay). They all deliver good quality nutrients and calories.

Good luck and don't beat yourself up. Babies can be so funny with their food and having special requirements makes it a headache! (My DD is allergic to eggs and was non dairy/ non soy for 12 months while we sorted out what was going on)

Storm15 Sun 01-Feb-15 19:30:11

That's great thank you. No, never heard of the group but joining it now! Tried avocado went on the floor... Will try nut butters tomorrow - I have almond and cashew in already so that can be breakfast! Thanks again.

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