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Travelling with severe Allergy

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BeverleyCrusher Sat 31-Jan-15 15:51:54

Has anyone done dairy-free in lanzarote, is soya milk available locally?
Am planning to take spread but really need some milk too.

Also any experience of the local healthcare system/ hospitals?

Gemmar25 Sun 01-Feb-15 08:00:58

Id like to know this too as taking 2 yr old to menorca and he still drinks alot of lacto/soya milk..... think we might have to take lacto free formula along with us and just add the water x

pashmina696 Sun 01-Feb-15 10:36:57

Its pretty common in europe to have lactose intolerance/food allergies, whilst haven't recently been to spain, we had no trouble in sardinia and france obtaining milk alternatives, hotels usually had 3 milk choices.

trixymalixy Sun 01-Feb-15 22:57:41

Have travelled to fuerteventura and mainland Spain. Soya milk and yogurts were widely available.

BeverleyCrusher Mon 02-Feb-15 08:00:39

That's great thanks trixy

babybarrister Tue 10-Feb-15 21:16:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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