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Advice please on packing tapes

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GinGinGin Thu 22-Jan-15 05:57:57


Bit of a random question, but am hoping someone here will know!

I've just started my own business - making sweets from home. My USP is that all ingredients are ethically sourced or organic and all packaging used is recyclable/Eco-friendly. I'm going to be selling online and posting so I want to use a Kraft paper tape to seal the boxes. All the ones I've come across seem to have a latex based adhesive and I was wondering if this would be a trigger for latex-allergy sufferers? If so, does anyone happen to know of an Eco-friendly sealing tape that doesn't contain latex? Like I said, random, but hopefully someone will know!

TIA smile

GinGinGin Thu 22-Jan-15 07:04:47


GinGinGin Thu 22-Jan-15 12:10:50

Anyone? Sorry, I know it's a vv boring topic!

CoconutSponge Thu 22-Jan-15 12:50:15

Apparently, yes this could be an issue for people with Latex Allergies according to the site linked below, which also has a list of alternative products that would be a more suitable alternative:


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