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Worried about play date

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Dappymummy Fri 09-Jan-15 10:08:58

Dd has been invited for a play date after school. She is 5 and is severely allergic to fish. She has been on one other play date by herself but childs parents are gp's so felt quite confident. This play date I am a bit worried as I know the family do alot of Thai cooking and use fish oils. Obviously she will serve her something appropriate but I am worried about cross contamination. Should I send her with her own food or is this ott? Wwyd?

scarlettsmummy2 Fri 09-Jan-15 10:11:57

Have you spoken to the mum about it? I wouldn't be offended if you sent your own food and explained why.

HyperThread Fri 09-Jan-15 10:45:01

I think speak do the mum and ask if she'd mind if you sent food with her. I wouldn't mind at all - in fact id prefer it, that way it's just much safer.

anotherdayanothersquabble Fri 09-Jan-15 21:26:09

Not at all OTT to send food! Your DD would probably prefer that anyway. Of course you can talk to the parents and they may be more than happy to make something suitable and to be very very careful, on the other hand they may be terrified about her allergies and welcome food!!!

EthelCardew Wed 14-Jan-15 13:11:21

I would send her with her own food. My DD will be 4 in a couple of weeks and hasn't had an unsupervised play date yet but I'm dreading it.

I take food even if there's safe options because she's very sensitive to multiple allergens, even on skin contact and you really don't know how scrupulous you have to be to avoid a reaction until you've experienced having to live with it!

Another option is to make something that she can take and they both eat. Or some safe packaged food that doesn't need much handling?

neolara Wed 14-Jan-15 13:14:36

Why don't you collect her at 5, before meal time? That's standard practice around here. My dd is serverely allergic to nuts. If I'm worried about where she is going, I just say she's not allowed to eat anything unless I send it with her.

greenbananas Wed 14-Jan-15 18:29:53

I would be sending own food. Is the mum okay with how to recognise allergic reactions and use epipens etc.?

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