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fostercarer44 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:33:14

Please could you give views and help on following, 9 mth old baby reflux. On Dr Browns Bottles, Nutramigen 2, Ranitidine 1.5 am and pm have reflux pillow and on Gaviscon. None of it working very bad at night some times up every 40 mins on a good night every 3 hours in real pain and windy, hard gut. Think also hows cows milk intolerance, Advice please ....

greenbananas Mon 05-Jan-15 12:44:00

Sounds like this is very difficult for you and the baby! Does the baby have a paediatrician you can get in touch with?

At 9 months, the baby is having some solid food as well, yes? Cow's milk is a common, but by no means the only culprit. You could try keeping a careful record of what the baby eats, along with what then happens in the way of symptoms. Eggs, wheat, soya might be worth looking at... but could be anything really (if it is food, of course).

Ideally, you need to see a pediatrician with some specialist in allergies and intolerance. A gp can refer the baby. I guess you will need to go through social services if you are fostering - but this might work in your favour in a way because I think they can fast track appointments.

In the meantime, keeping the baby upright can help, perhaps in a sling during the daytime, and you could try raising one end of the cot mattress at night by putting a pillow underneath it.

Good luck...

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