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fostercarer44 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:33:13

Please could you give views and help on following, 9 mth old baby reflux. On Dr Browns Bottles, Nutramigen 2, Ranitidine 1.5 am and pm have reflux pillow and on Gaviscon. None of it working very bad at night some times up every 40 mins on a good night every 3 hours in real pain and windy, hard gut. Think also hows cows milk intolerance, Advice please ....

MayfairMummy Tue 06-Jan-15 20:20:23

Nutramigen is cows milk based (though hydrolised); some babies continue to react - suggest you push for neocate which is amino acid based and may help more. Could also be allergies to other food. DS2 has multiple allergies. Would vomit for 4 days after i ate egg (b/feeding), and had bad reflux (but no other signs that i saw) when exposed to wheat.

Happy to chat IRL if you'd like to PM me. I know how debilitating it is when they can't sleep (and you thus can't either). We didn't sleep through ever until almost 2yo.

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