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fostercarer44 Sun 04-Jan-15 21:33:06

Please could you give views and help on following, 9 mth old baby reflux. On Dr Browns Bottles, Nutramigen 2, Ranitidine 1.5 am and pm have reflux pillow and on Gaviscon. None of it working very bad at night some times up every 40 mins on a good night every 3 hours in real pain and windy, hard gut. Think also hows cows milk intolerance, Advice please .......

middlings Mon 05-Jan-15 17:26:08

At 9 months, if all of that isn't working, I'd be pushing for an appointment with a paediatric gastroenterologist. Not a general paediatrician - insist on a gastro person.

Have you stopped anything cows milk related?

greenbananas Mon 05-Jan-15 18:30:46

Hi, I posted on your other thread. Yes, I do think you need a referral.

It's just belatedly occurred to me that, as you are fostering (judging by your post and user name) you may not have been given full information about your baby's medical needs. Nutrimagen usually means that some sort of problem (allergy or intolerance) with cows milk has already been diagnosed, so if you haven't already cut out all traces of cows milk from your baby's diet you should do this straight away! This means checking all packets, including margarine, biscuits, cakes, jars of baby food etc - everything. It's not easy, but you will need to be vigilant until you have more information and have spoken to a medical professional.

You urgently need all the facts about your baby's medical history, and this is a safeguarding issue so don't let up until you get some answers.

Dealing with reflux / intolerance / allergy / these symptoms for whatever reason can be hard, and I'm guessing that you haven't been through the whole journey that most of us mums go through, so haven't picked up all the various bits of information we absorb along the way. If we can help, please ask - but you really need medical advice as well!

If your baby has come to you because of problems with the care he/she was receiving at home, then you and social services probably have some work to do to get to the bottom of this. The baby's needs are important, but families in crisis are not best placed to do the research and put special diets in place.

Again, I say good luck! If we on this board can help, them we will.

fostercarer44 Mon 05-Jan-15 19:55:01

Great help thank you, Have cut out all cows milk in last week and being very strict on this carefully reading all packaging it's everywhere!

Do feel it's more had Reflux babys before but never ones that have such bad fluctuance and this is why he wakes up alot at night so think the Gastro Pead def way to go, and thank you both so much very useful back to G.P and H.V tomorrow.

middlings Tue 06-Jan-15 07:07:51

fostercarer if you're in the south east, there's a fabulous guy at Great Ormond St called Neil Shah. He's particularly big on cows milk intolerances. Under NHS choices, you should be able to request a referral to him.

Best of luck.

fostercarer44 Tue 06-Jan-15 18:11:43

invaluable to know names of professionals to refer to thank you very much.

Does any one know a paediatric gastroenterologist in the south east ?

Many Many Thanks

MayfairMummy Tue 06-Jan-15 20:30:24

Just replied on a different thread... hadn't seen this one.

Adam Fox is good; as is Helen Cox's team at St Mary's.

middlings Tue 06-Jan-15 20:31:40

I don't of anyone outside London but if you call Neil Shah's secretary at Great Ormond St or the Portland (where he has his private rooms) they may be able to advise. I'd definitely trust his opinion.

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