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Could my DS have a fructose intolerance.

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MsRainbow Sat 03-Jan-15 11:15:51

I have a 4yo DS2 with coeliac disease (diagnosed when he was 20months). He follows a strict GF diet (dS1 also has Coeliac disease so we are all GF now). He has been in good health since his diagnosis, however he still gets bloating. His blood tests show no gluten is getting in (and the few times he has had a crumb he has been very ill).
His Gastro consultant did the breath test to test for lactose intolerance but that came back clear. In the past few months I have begun to see a link between fruit consumption and the bloating. It has become particularly noticeable over Christmas when he has had apple juice (we don't normally have fruit juice at home). Yesterday he had 2 glasses of Apple juice when out for lunch and half an apple. As well as being really bloated we couldn't get him to sleep until nearly 11 pm. He does occasionally have nights where he just can't get to sleep until really late but I have never previously considered what he's eat/drank that day. He never complains about tummy pains, but he is a child doesn't complain when he has fallen over/ has a fever etc.
I'm not sure wether to go to see our GP, or at home to trial fruit:apple/fructose/sugar free diet for a few weeks then re-introduce. He's not due to see his Gastro consultant until September.
Has anyone got any advice?
He does not complain and I don't want to restrict his diet further unnecessarily. However he has had bloating most of his life (his tummy was bloated prior to his coeliac diagnosis, we always thought he was just very tubby, but as he lost wait the large tummy remained) so I don't think he knows any different .

ppeatfruit Sat 03-Jan-15 14:56:18

What's he like with bananas or pears? I say this because dh is also allergic to apples but is fine with them. I would advise checking his blood type and looking at the Blood type diet for him.

Also some GF products have potato in them which is also not good for some people.

MsRainbow Sat 03-Jan-15 19:56:16

Thanks for replying. He used to love bananas before he was diagnosed coeliac but rarely has one now. For a long time I thought it might be dairy but when I talked it over with a dietician she felt that GF and DF was quite tough and as DS isn't in pain it wasn't necessarily worth it. He's not the best eater but he does love mango, pear, strawberries and apples. It's quite recent that I've seen the link between the bloating and the fruit, but I think it's happening with most of them. He hasn't had any fruit today,but has had potato, and doesn't have any bloating (and was fast asleep at 7).
I have looked up the blood group diet before (I have a friend who works for a top sporting club where they advise it for all their professionals). DS is O so apples should be fine for him. I did think about it at one point but I don't want to restrict his diet unecessarily.

ethelb Sat 03-Jan-15 20:37:33

Could you try the fodmap diet?

MsRainbow Sat 03-Jan-15 21:36:04

Has anyone ever done this with a child. I'm not entirely convinced the doctors/dietician will back me up. Everyone agrees he has bloating but as he is well in himself and is growing then the consensus is just let it be. The Gastro consultant did recommend a particular brand of probiotics and I tried them for a few weeks but I didn't notice much difference. However they were lemon flavoured tablets which DS wouldn't take and I found it difficult to hide it in his food. I might try Optibac powder probiotics again as they are tasteless (I put him on these for a while after he was diagnosed coeliac) so I know he'll get the full dose.

MsRainbow Sat 03-Jan-15 21:37:01

When I say 'done this' I mean tried the FODMAP diet with a child.

ppeatfruit Sun 04-Jan-15 11:57:50

Yes I suppose that if his gut is ok it's not a problem. Interesting that you have an open mind about the blood type.

IMO and E it's the key to most allergies. I cured my eczema,arthritis and IBS with it.

ppeatfruit Sun 04-Jan-15 11:58:44

Sorry you 'know' about the blood type.

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