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Is there any way of getting Omega 3 other than through fish & fish oils?

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crayon Fri 13-Oct-06 12:48:07

I have just been reading the thread below about omega 3 and realised how little I know about this subject. DS2 is allergic to fish and omega 3 fish oils, and also allergic to seeds. I'm worried about how he will get omega 3 in his diet - does anyone know what else contains omega 3 in a helpful form? (I guess the milk etc that you can with it added probably has fish omega 3 added).

Many thanks


Marina Fri 13-Oct-06 12:52:27

I was going to post flax oil but I am 99% certain that it comes from flax seeds, so sorry, can't help I'm afraid Hope someone better informed can.

brimfull Fri 13-Oct-06 12:54:13

do avocados have omega oils?

rabbitrabbit Fri 13-Oct-06 12:54:24

Eggs? I've noticed, in Tesco's, that some of the eggs have "with added omega 3's" on the packaging-will have a search to find the name. hth

rabbitrabbit Fri 13-Oct-06 12:55:14

Columbus eggs!

Plumpbump Fri 13-Oct-06 12:55:30

We always but Columbus eggs - they have it in, I think and are really good quality. Bit more expensive though

Plumpbump Fri 13-Oct-06 12:56:00

always "get" not "but" sorry

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Fri 13-Oct-06 12:56:02

Hmm - does this help at all? Like Marina, bit hazy about where Flax oil comes from (flowers/seeds?). Rapeseed and tofu should be OK, though, shouldn't they? Walnuts if he's old enough to have them and not allergic?

crayon Fri 13-Oct-06 13:02:41

Thanks all - he is allergic to nuts and seeds too, I should add! Unfortunately one of the posters on the other thread seemed to be saying flax contains the non-helpful omega 3. Didn't realise tofu contains it though.

Thanks again


OxyMoron Fri 13-Oct-06 13:05:01

Solgar also make a DHA supplement (not cheap though ).

Zippetydoodahzippetyday Fri 13-Oct-06 13:06:35

Them new Bassetts chewy vitamins have Omega 3 in them and my kids love them. They have been taking vits for a year now and are very healthy as a result.

asleep Fri 13-Oct-06 13:08:35

organic milk.

"Organic milk is naturally higher in certain nutrients than non-organic milk and one such nutrient is Omega 3 essential fatty acid. Organic milk can contain up to 71% more Omega 3 than non-organic milk" according to the Omsco website.

albatros Fri 13-Oct-06 13:08:58

organic milk is higher in omega 3's due to the clover the cows eat, organic eggs also are higher, flax seed and linset also contain it. Ask in your local health store they should be able to help

mrgumpy Fri 13-Oct-06 13:17:18

flaxseed oil? Vegie and has omega 3...

mrgumpy Fri 13-Oct-06 13:19:40

oops..should have read from the beginning...sorry

Mrsaek Fri 13-Oct-06 13:51:02

Try quinoa (pronounced keenwa apparently ?!?!). Its full of omega6 and all sorts of other stuff (technical term!). We have it instead of rice, and my DD loves it (and she is VERY picky).
Have a look on this quinoa

Spidermama Fri 13-Oct-06 13:53:37

Flax oil and flax seeds. Also hemp oil which is utterly brilliant and a superfood but costs quite a lot. Avail in good supermarkets now. Hemp seeds are good. Try Good Seed (sweet or savoury) from Holland and Barrett.

Sallypoo Sat 23-Dec-06 21:41:05

Hi there Crayon,

Sorry for the late reply! My DH is also allergic to fish. I've got him on two Seven Seas supplements (although I've seen similar in Holland & Barrett), for Omega 3 & 6. They are both 'vegetarian' supplements. The first is pure flaxseed oil for Omega 3 with vit E, and the second is Evening primrose oil & starflower oil for GLA (Omega 6). We have a lot of olive oil in our diet, and this is high in Omega 9, as is avocado.

Does your DS2 still eat shell fish? Do you mind me asking how he was diagnosed? Did you get a test at the doctors - DH is not keen to be checked out, and so just avoids shell fish, and I am concerned that he is missing out on other things such as zinc....


FoodieLove Fri 26-Jun-09 10:18:24

Hi Crayon, one of the best ways to get Omega 3,6 & 9 everyday is to swap your regular cooking oil for rapeseed oil.

It's much lower sat fat than olive oil, loads more Vit E... am total convert since trying Hillfarm Oils (suffolk) It's pretty tasty and you can get in in sainsbury/waitrose etc...


jasperc163 Fri 26-Jun-09 18:55:36

we are vegetarian and use this (cut capsules and add to DD's milk). Its the only non fish source i know of that has DHA and EPA together. Its produced from algae.


tatt Fri 26-Jun-09 21:19:47

I think organic milk and colombus eggs, spinach, romaine lettuce, wheat germ, dark green veg, olive oil - but none of them nearly as good as fish or flaxseed which he won't be able to have. Maybe ask to see a dietician?

Stayingsunnygirl Fri 26-Jun-09 21:52:06

You can buy vegetarian omega 3 and 6 supplements - I think they are from seeds like flax seed - Tesco do an own brand version, I think, that's not prohibitively expensive.

tatt Sat 27-Jun-09 07:27:47

Does anyon read the OP? The child is allergic to seeds!

Link to jasperc163 algae supplement

AcademicMum Sun 28-Jun-09 22:51:40

Haliborange do an omega-3 supplement for babies and toddlers where the omega 3 source is from some algae or other. These ones. They come in capsules and you can just add to food. I don't know how old your ds is, but I suppose there's no reason why they couldn't be used for older children too.

We use these for ds2 as I am starting to suspect he has a fish allergy sad.

puffylovett Wed 01-Jul-09 16:41:35

Olive oil and avocados are the extra ones that spring to mind..

Is this still an issue crayon ? you posted this back in oct..

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