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Dairy free finger food recipes for 9mo

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BNmum Wed 17-Dec-14 11:57:19

Anyone got any nice dairy free recipes that My 9mo can feed himself? He refuses to take anything from a spoon and I feel like I'm giving him the same meals over and over again. Im finding packed lunch when we are out and about the hardest. TIA

Queazy Wed 31-Dec-14 14:54:11

I could have written this post - my daughter is 15 months and becoming increasingly cheeky with her refusals!
My ideas are all too predictable but here goes:
eggy bread, wafer thin meats of any description, veg fingers (good luck - my dd spotted a pea and it was game over!), mini sausages, oatcakes, mini boxes of sultanas are a major hit as soon as lo can chew, crispbreads, boiled egg chopped up.

My dd won't even eat a fruit pouch now. It's all about the chopped apple and grapes. As you can see our diet isn't exactly varied. I'll be reading other posts with interest! smile

HotMommy Sun 04-Jan-15 14:36:35

Toast, breadsticks, avocado, any kind of steamed veg, pasta, cut up fruit, pieces of meat. Also there are lots of snack things that are dairy free - rice cakes, dried fruit (mine loves apricots, apples and believe it or not, prunes). Goodies oat bars are dairy free as are lots of kids biscuits (and rich tea biscuits are too). Pitta bread.

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