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Roughly how many foods does your child eat?

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AngelDog Fri 12-Dec-14 17:19:11

That's it, really. smile By 'foods', I mean 'ingredients', so wheat would be one, dairy products would be one.

I'm interested in a typical week, not unusual stuff. I'm just wanting to do a comparison with what my boys eat. DS1 has lots of IgE allergies and both have various food intolerances so their diet is more restricted than the average. TIA.

TimelyNameChangey Fri 12-Dec-14 22:30:18

DD1 is ten and has always eaten anything.

DD2 is 6 and fussier. She eats.

Potatoes but only roasted or chipped
Chicken but only roast
Peanut butter
Green beans
Fish fingers
Pie crust but not filling
Crackers with butter
Eggs scrambled or boiled
Ice cream

That's about it. She won't eat red meat or any sort of of sauce...pasta is always eaten with nothing but olive oil and salt.

The list seems long but it's hard to make a meal out of those things daily!

greenbananas Sun 14-Dec-14 19:43:22

DS1 (aged 6) is allergic to dairy, eggs, all peas, beans and lentils, banana, cucumber, kiwi and a few other things. We are also still avoiding nuts, although he is waiting for a nut challenge in hospital. He eats:

soya cream and soya cheese (if hidden in a pasta sauce or on a pizza)
porridge (made with soya)
plain bagels
Jus-rol croissants (dairy free)
digestive biscuits
potato waffles
ready salted crisps and plain pringles
sausages (a LOT of sausages)
fishfingers and fishcakes (occasionally but is not keen)
home made bread
tuna pie and tuna sandwiches
Asda smartprice ham (but only in a pie, for some reason)
cooked apple (but not raw)
strawberries (but no other berries, he says they make his mouth feel fizzy)
sultanas and occasionally dried apricots
sweetcorn (in small quantities)
tinned peaches and tinned pear
satsumas and orange juice (although these give him diarrhoea)
melon (although this still gives him occasional hives)
ketchup and tomato puree (but not cooked or fresh tomato)
dairy free chocolate

He won't eat mince, chicken, rice, or any sort of meat in a casserole. He still won't touch carrots, onions, celery, and various other things that used to make him poorly (he has no noticeable reaction to them any more, but can still detect them in tiny quantities in anything I make, so perhaps they are making his mouth uncomfortable). He dislikes any ingredients that he can't clearly separate, perhaps because he feels safer knowing exactly what everything is. I know his diet is rubbish, but it's hard to know how to improve it, especially on a very tight budget.

When he was very little, he reacted to so many things... and he is not used to trying new foods. Also, I don't have the resources to keep on trying things with him that I might have to throw away.

It's hard, isn't it?

AngelDog Sun 14-Dec-14 21:23:19

Thank you, TimelyNameChangey and greenbananas.

Have you ever had zinc levels tested? My boys' reactions to stuff is mostly due to low zinc / high copper (made worse by high copper in our tapwater). I know low zinc is a common cause of reactions to food, and zinc deficiency makes allergic reactions more likely. None of the doctors trying to work out why DS1 react(ed) to loads of foods ever thought to check his zinc levels.

ChangeYouFucker Sun 14-Dec-14 22:05:45

Angel - I've never heard about zinc levels?

Md DS has multiple allergies (IGE) and he continues to react to stuff we thought he was OK with.

Would like more info about zinc???

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