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Possible intolerance in DS

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inadaydream Thu 11-Dec-14 14:48:18


Would like to hear from parents with similar experiences please.

DS has had various mild issues since birth. He is a happy little soul deep down but appears to be blighted with digestive/bowel issues.

We started at birth with quite severe reflux with calmed down with gaviscon and weaning began (under advice of gp & Hv) at 20 weeks.

Had dips on the weight charts which coincided with chicken pox at 7mo then 2 nasty ear infections the following month.

He seemed to pick up and followed the 9th centile for a while after this until 12mo when we started with cows milk. A tummy bug 2 months ago saw him almost drop off chart on red book but has gained a little weight recently to take him back up to just under the 2nd centile.

Peadiatrics are now involved as he is tiny for his age. Coeliacs has been mentioned and we have a blood test appointment at the end of the year.

Poor DS has had another nasty tummy bug very recently. We have had history of constipation and not being able to poo properly - will strain for hours on end writhing in pain only to result in a marked nappy. Since having the tummy bug we went the other way - constant poo to the point we went through 5/6 nappies an hour for a few hours the other day.

Dr gave us a call back as I was worried - told me to stop giving him cows milk, give him formula and try reduce the amount (was drinking a lot of milk have now cut down to 450ml formula a day).

The change in DS was almost instant, the last three days since stopping cows milk he has been a different child! So happy, laughing, giggling and really good fun to be around. The past few months he has been so miserable! I am on ADs as the crying has been difficult for me, I am self employed and work from home so his main carer - it has been hard to see him struggling.

So now it is weighing on my mind that cows milk is actually the problem. We have a Dr appointment tomorrow to discuss and I am going to request additional tests if possible to be run alongside the test for coeliacs.

Just wondering if any of this sounds similar to your experience of lactose intolerances?!!

HotMommy Fri 12-Dec-14 03:06:36

It could be an allergy or an interance, they are different things. It could also be that your Ds developed a bit of temporary lactose intolerance after his tummy bug. My daughter is allergic to cows milk but had nutramigen - a hypoallergenic cows milk formula. Any time she had a tummy bug we had to take her off of it as she couldn't cope with the lactose after vomiting as her tummy was more sensitive. Hope the tests sort you out, sounds like you have had a really tough time. Gaviscon can cause constipation. You should push to see an allergy specialist as you will get more thorough/understanding advice from them. Hang in there- it's terrible to see them suffer. Xx

inadaydream Fri 12-Dec-14 11:40:05

Thanks for the reply HotMummy.

Saw Dr this AM who said the same as you - tempory intolerance due to tummy bugs.

Dr also thinks the volume of cows milk he was taking was causing much of the problem. We are now down to a normal amount of formula but thinks there will be no difference if he was also taking a normal amount of cows milk?! Dr has prescribed the treated formula though for those babies with milk/dairy problems as it's easier to digest and if it helps with the ongoing constipation problem it can only be a good thing.

I feel a bit stuck in the middle of it all though as was told by peads if he isn't eating then just let him take the lead with milk but Dr saying to reign it in as it's upsetting his stomach. Also to add butter cheese cream etc to as much food as possible to help maintain/gain weight but then told this too is upsetting his tummy?!

Lactose/dairy intolerance/allergy cannot be determined by blood test apparently only by eliminating/re adding to diet and seeing what effect it has. Dr is going to have a look into what else can be checked for by blood though so it can be checked at the same time they look at ceoliacs/iron levels. At least if this is done, everything is checked and comes back all clear then it will be confirmed I just have a very little man - there is a family history on DH side of small babies/children but they have all grown into normal size adults with healthy weights.

The past few days have been lovely though, DS is still in his wonderful mood today so we will enjoy it and carry on as we are. Will see what, if anything, crops up in the blood test.

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