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What food to avoid with an egg intolerance

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DragonTail Mon 08-Dec-14 10:26:56

My dd (8) has never been great with raw or undercooked egg, so we have always avoided giving her egg dishes and anything with uncooked egg in (eg cake mixture). Its recently been more pronounced and I'm trying to put together a list of food for her to avoid. I'm sure that the intolerance is to raw or loosely cooked egg - she seems ok with well cooked egg.

So far, as well as anything egg based eg omelettes and things containing raw egg, my list now includes batter, some ice cream (anyone have any idea as to which type?), custard (again only some types?), home made Yorkshire puddings.

Is there anything else I should add to the list?

MsUumellmahaye Mon 08-Dec-14 10:32:00

We have to avoid merangues and mallow smile

DragonTail Mon 08-Dec-14 11:07:47

Thanks, I didn't think about them smile

pashmina696 Mon 08-Dec-14 18:32:20

ben and jerrys, haegen daz, mackays, and most premium ice creams and gelato contain egg.

we tend to buy soft scoop, cornish ice creams (kelly's for example) as these are usually egg free, though we always always check the ingredients.

pancakes are more loosely cooked than cake.

rogueelement Tue 09-Dec-14 13:20:59

Is cooked egg OK? Would meringue be OK or too eggy?

I've always been told that egg white is the worst offender. DD is anaphylactic to it. It turns up in Royal icing (Christmas cakes, wedding cakes) and royal icing sugar (sold at Christmas, has freeze-dried egg white in); posh ice cream; zabaglione and egg custard-type desserts; batters and puddings (but chip shops typically use eggless batter, ask them); then random sweets: fruit chews (Fruitella); Tunnocks tea cakes; posh fruit jelly sweets.

I can offer the opposite list (the safe stuff) should you ever need it :-)

HopeNope Tue 09-Dec-14 14:07:46


DragonTail Thu 11-Dec-14 16:03:22

Thanks for all your replies. Cooked egg seems to be ok, but then the intolerance seems to have got worse over the last few months (she has had it 5 years) so we're keeping an eye on it.

Didn't know that some sweets had egg in - the opposite list would be great to have. Could you PM it to me?

rogueelement Sun 14-Dec-14 19:11:46

Our safe-food list is a bit extreme as DD is allergy to nuts as well as cooked/uncooked egg.

The mayo comment from the last person is a very good shout, there is mayonnaise in most shop-bought sandwiches.

Coleslaw has egg in, as do the prepacked sandwich fillings in supermarkets.

Things we buy a lot (but always check the label, things can change)

Haribo sweets
Tunnocks wafers
McVities chocolate/plain digestives
Galaxy Milk chocolate

Carte D'Or vanilla ice cream
Magnum White choc ice
Twister lollies
Solero (most lollies are fine)

McDonalds Cheeseburger (no mayo)
MDonalds apple pie
Nandos chicken and chips
M&S tzatziki dip

Creme fraiche or greek yoghurt mixed with a little lemon/white wine vinegar and seasoning makes a reasonable mayonnaise substitute in home-made coleslaw and potato salad. You can also use creme fraiche as the basis for an eggless spaghetti carbonara....

..can you tell I've thought about this :-)

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