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Severe cmpa - feeling overwhelmed

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OpenSandwich Thu 04-Dec-14 20:13:32

DC is 6mo and ebf up to now. He had his first taste of milk on some cereal a few days ago, which resulted in a fast anaphylaxis and hospital admission.

We've had dietician advice (milk substitutes and spreads) and I am continuing to bf. I just feel very worried about having milk products in the house for the rest of the family and the risks this poses.

Like getting drinks muddled up. Or someone leaving smears of cheese where little hands can get in. Or older DC eating chocolate then kissing the baby. With milk I feel it's impossible to not have the allergen in the house, as it's so widespread. Please tell me how you have dealt with this?

ChangeYouFucker Thu 04-Dec-14 22:25:08

Contact the anaphalaxys campaign, they have a help line. They also do courses for parents of children with allergies and support groups.

Have you been referred on to an allergy clinic? If not push for this. Do not be fobbed off with your LO being too young.

My DC had something similar (but not so sever reaction by the sounds of it). BF and when he had first ever yogurt then ana reaction.

It's really daunting at the first, but you will work it out and your older ones will get to understand. (My DD who is 4 comes to tell me if my DS has touched something he should not).
Have you got epi-pens? The way I cope is by being really confident with my action plan in response to a reaction. So knowing where the epi-pen is, where a phone is (to dial 999) and know vague address. And practice administering epi-pen regularly.

You will be OK and it will get easier.

ChangeYouFucker Thu 04-Dec-14 22:31:43

Oh also my DS has his own cups, NO ONE uses these apart from him. My DD knows she is not to use them. I wash his separately in hot soapy water. Also when using dishwasher I always rinse anything particularly covered in dairy before it goes in.

Any milk drinks drunk by small children in the house must be in a closed cup (Tommie tip) to reduce spillages. And OUT of reach. Thou we supervise very closely.

You get used to automatically washing hands after touching cheese etc. And wiping down chopping boards. Grated cheese is a PITA in my experience (falls on the floor, easy to miss) so try to avoid it and now slice cheese.

OpenSandwich Fri 05-Dec-14 09:55:53

Thank you. We have been referred to the allergy clinic, we should be seen in about 6 weeks. We've got epipens and Piriton and have spoken with the paediatric consultant who deals with allergy clinic.

That's a good idea re cups and things. I need to think through some house rules. It just feels terrifying to have the allergen around in the house. People I know with nut allergy just keep them out the house, and would be understandably horrified if you sat and ate nuts in the same room. But you can't take that approach with dairy.

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