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Diagnosed Allergy - Worried by Worsening Reaction to Accidentally Eating Soy - Which Specialist to See ??

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RockinHippy Mon 01-Dec-14 09:12:02

My 12 yr old DD was finally diagnosed with a soy delayed action allergy after a hospital stay back in May, it turned out it was causing her allergic colitis & contributing to an intestinal blockage too. She never did have an obvious reaction to eating it & for years we were fobbed off with IBS hmm

She was diagnosed by a Gastro specialist as that's what she was in for, we were also passed over to a nutritionalist, which TBH, none of us have been very impressed by - DH took Dd to the last appointment & both he & DD were gobsmacked at how inaccurate her report to the gastro doctor was to what was actually said.

Roll forward a few months & I am becoming more & more concerned at just how badly DD now reacts to even the tiniest amount of soy.

We got caught out last night at an Italian restaurant - seems the home made Tirimisu wasn't as home made as the waitress thought & is the likely cause - but DD was very ill, very quickly, shaking, ice cold with very bad stomach cramps - she went white, with stomach cramp & diarrhoea before we even left the restaurant, which I initially put down to her getting stressy over my forgetting my purse. By the time we got home she was ice cold & feverish & she I dusted she felt as if she had eaten soy as she recognised the odd feeling that goes with it.

She was ill most of the night & it's the ice cold shock like reaction that is worrying me the most & I feel we need to go back to the hospital for follow up - but who to see ??

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