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CMPI and lactofree milk

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MsSampson Sat 29-Nov-14 21:30:09

DS (9 weeks) has silent reflux (according to GP). V windy, fussy, won't sleep anywhere but propped up on me, generally unsettled and screamy etc. Also has a floppy larynx which is highly correlated with reflux.

So, I decided to trial a dairy free diet to see if it helped (he is exclusively breastfed).. The doctor was fairly non commital about it. I assumed that having lactofree milk and butter would get around the cows milk protein that I thought DS might be intolerant of. Anyway, five days in, and DS has slept markedly better for 2 nights and seems generally happier. But from more reading, particularly on these boards, it seems I have confused being lactose intolerant and cows milk protein intolerant (maybe I should have listened in GCSE biologywink )

So, is DS' s improvement likely to be placebo or coincidence? Is there any less cows milk protein in lactofree stuff? Or maybe the general reduction in other dairy has helped too?

MsSampson Sat 29-Nov-14 21:39:43

So, DH has just (rather too patiently) explained the difference between proteins and lactose to me. I feel like a proper idiot.

Curious to know if the placebo effect wears off now I know I am actually doing nothing more than buying very expensive milk for no reason.

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