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Reaction to non dairy milk?

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LindsayS79 Tue 25-Nov-14 17:23:00

Hi all
DD has an intolerance to cows milk. I was slowly introducing it into her diet but her eczema flared up. I found soya milk no different. I'm still using neocate but she won't take that in cereal so I've been trying koko milk. However her eczema is breaking out in the creases of her arms and knees and she's scratching like crazy. Has anyone had a reaction to koko milk?! I'm trying to see what's flared it up. She's also teething badly and just over about 4 colds in a row but I'm not sure if this would cause it..

BNmum Tue 25-Nov-14 21:46:47

Have you tried using oat milk to mix with cereal? I use koko occasionally but I tend to use oat milk for lo, I think I used it once when I ran out of the other and he was fine.
Lo's eczema flares up when teething too or are you dressing her in warmer clothes due to he weather getting colder?

LindsayS79 Tue 25-Nov-14 22:22:10

Yes, I'm adding an extra layer here and there due to the colder weather. Usually a long sleeve vest under a top. Can this flare it too?
Her molars are really trying to surface just now. It's hard trying to work out the cause of this outbreak!

Waltonswatcher Tue 25-Nov-14 22:29:04

Friends son reacts to coconut milk. But my dd gets flare ups this time of year due to too many tight layers and central heating .
It's so bloody hard to know. Hope you get it back under control.

CusheyButterfield Tue 25-Nov-14 22:36:13

We use Oatly for our dd, as soy milk didn't agree with her and she's allergic to dairy. She's 3 now and she's been having Oatly since she was about 12 months for cereal and cooking, as well as nutramigen till she was 2. Her eczema is flaring at the moment too - I reckon it's the central heating.

LindsayS79 Wed 26-Nov-14 07:25:44

Thanks everyone. That makes sense about the central heating. I'll try a bowl of water next to her radiator.. I might also just try oatly on her anyway as that seems to be the most common one used.
I'll just need to do a week of steroid cream, piriton at bed time and zinc oxide to try and get in top of it! Thanks again

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