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really bad eczema nutramigen not working???

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kelaleahx Sun 23-Nov-14 21:35:14

Hi my baby is on nutramigen now 3 weeks and also has silent relux and is on losec, she had eczema all over her wee body and on her face but was never too bad , these past few days its been awful so red and very hot to touch she's going mad with itch and crying in pain, had to wet a cotton pad and hold it on her face to cool it down and her eyes were rolling in her head with relief , I use doublebase but its just not working, wondering if there os special cream that can be uses on a 14 week old baby maybe steriod cream as ita really bad its around the back of her head as well ?? Any advice on what to do ??

addictedtosugar Mon 24-Nov-14 21:32:01

I'm sorry to hear your LO is suffering.
Go back to the GP, and get a different emollient. They all suit different people, and you WILL find one that works for her skin.

Yes, steroid cream or hydrocortisone is possible to use - on prescription only at that age. They come with dire warnings, but they were the only things that stopped things in their tracks for the boys. She may also need antibiotics if it is infected.

Things to consider: not too many baths, NO soaps/shampoo. Loose, cotton clothing - and don't let her get too warm. Scratch mitts day and night to lessen the effect of scratching (babygrows with built in scratch mitts are ace - think they are Next and Mothercare). Socks on hands are harder to get off than scratch mitts.

Keep going back if its not shifting. The HV might be better than the GP, depending on their experience.

Good Luck - at 5, we are under control with emolument and bath oil. Not had a steroid worthy flare up in ages (famous last words!)

MrsHenryCrawford Wed 26-Nov-14 10:59:38

You could ask for a trial of neocate, ds had excema on his face and it disappeared after he changed from nutramigin to neocate

kelaleahx Wed 26-Nov-14 22:06:39

Thanks for your replies , took her back to go and he gave us hydrocortisone to use after 2 days of using it its nearly away !! So hopefully this will keep it at bay and doesn't get that bad again was so hard to watch

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Nov-14 22:13:20

The same emollient doesn't work for everyone. I can't use doublebase. I like diprobase. My kids get on much better with Dermol.
Wash baby infrequently. Keep skin cool. Use emollient as frequently as possible. Watch out for triggers like washing powder and perfume. Avoid scented soaps etc. You can wash with many emollients. Aqueous cream is a soap never an emollient.
Apologies if I'm telling you lots of stuff you know. Eczema sucks!!

Jellyrollgumdrop Wed 26-Nov-14 22:37:35

Hi eczema has affected both my girls from birth. I've tried everything...the only soap I can use on both is Allepo gold olive oil soap. Icant rave about it enough it's fantastic. You can get it on Amazon but it must be aleppo gold! I also have to use non bio for their clothes and fairy conditioner. My older daughter has Elizabeth arden 8hour cream on her face in the mornings as it gets chapped easily and I have found this cream fantastic too. Hope your little ones skin settles.

LindsayS79 Fri 28-Nov-14 17:38:46

Here's my DD's routine:
Bathe every day. I use hydromol bath oil to hydrate and dermol as a soap substitute. You should bathe everyday in order to wash away the germs to prevent infection.
Moisturise with 50/50 or epiderm.
Apply steroid on red areas.

It's a regime alright but once you get on top of it, it's easier to manage!!

Miky Fri 12-Dec-14 00:18:51

We switched to using DP liquid soap flakes to wash all clothes about six months ago and my daughter's eczema has virtually cleared up (after 10 years of using steroid creams nearly every day!). She developed eczema at 5 months. Apparently, it is the surfactants in detergents that make eczema prone skin sensitive to other triggers, which is why powders such as Ecover and Surcare still irritate skin, even though they are promoted for sensitive skin. It takes a couple of weeks of washing with the liquid soap flakes to get rid of the detergent residue in the clothes, but it has helped my daughter so much that we now don’t use any steroid (though we still cover with Cetraben twice a day). The switch has also cleared up the eczema on my husband’s hands, which he has had for years. Would also recommend only using emollients to wash your baby in the bath (Doublebase is good for babies, but would avoid Oilatum and Dermol as they can also irritate skin, though as others say, different creams work for different people).

forgetandforgive Thu 15-Jan-15 23:09:51

Both my sons have severe eczema. The youngest have been using strong steriods for over 6 years and my eldest ds 10 has been having a very bad flare ups which required hospitalised and he was taking oral flococillin for over 2 months. Ive triedeverything and doing exactly what the dermatologist sugested but his eczema still manage to only stay good for a week. He use elecon, betermetasone, eumovate and protopic on different parts of his body. But tonight just so worried because I dan see that he is beginning to flare up. Milky, or any mn out there. How do I get hold of the soap flakes please. We are using eclover detergent but hasn't make much improvement.

AppleYumYum Fri 16-Jan-15 12:59:18

I second the liquid soap flakes, my ds' eczema flares up even with non bio. I buy it on Amazon, 6 bottles at a time as better value, link below.

Liquid Soap Flakes, 750ml Wholesale Pack of 6

AppleYumYum Fri 16-Jan-15 13:05:24

Just to add, washing in soap flakes hasn't cured my ds of eczema, but it doesn't irritate him. If I put in something washed in non bio his whole body where it has touched him goes red, insanely itchy and he is inconsolable. It takes days to fix the flare up. So this alone is worth it for me.

Plus everything comes out so soft, I now wash all our clothes in it, but it's not great at getting stains out, especially if you are washing at 30/40 degrees. 60 degrees much better. So pre treat stains first.

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