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Introducing cow's milk into a previously allergic child's diet

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jwpetal Sun 16-Nov-14 18:32:06

My son is now 7 and after our 3rd cow's milk challenge, he can now have cow's milk. He is still allergic to nuts, oats and sesame (previously wheat and eggs also). We were very excited and I thought wow, this will make things so much easier, but am actually thinking perhaps not.

He would like to have chocolate bars. I know all manufacturers put nut warnings on their products. A nut allergy friend mentioned that Cadbury's was the worst for a nut reaction for her. Anyone have a brand that they think is okay to try from the main brands on the market? We have tried the dairy and nut free brands but would like to start slowly with party food items.

I am also finding that he does not like the taste of the cow's milk. We have tried butter and milk and he won't try cheese or ice cream. I tried to give him flavored crisps but he wouldn't even nibble. I can do baking, but that is not so far off so may not challenge his taste buds. I suspect his reluctance to try things is psychological. We have drilled for so long what not to eat etc. Any suggestions? thank you,

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