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Dermatology Clinic for allergies - what to expect?

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ThreeFroglets Sat 15-Nov-14 23:52:13

Hi, I have been referred to the dermatology clinic because I'm having allergic reactions to more and more things and the reactions are getting harder to manage, and also because they are lasting for longer periods. And, I am having random reactions that I can't pinpoint the trigger for.

I have the appointment in three weeks, and was wondering what to expect/to ask for/if I should stop taking antihistamines before hand?

I have written down all the things I am definitely allergic to, and the things that I either suspect or that give a mild reaction, but as there is such a long list I don't want to look neurotic!

Main ones are: Fish, Shell Fish, Latex, Citrus Fruits, Pineapple, Disposable Sanitary Products and cheap/recycled Toilet Paper, Plasters and other Sticky Dressings, some Shampoos, Perfumes, Statins (cholesterol tablets), Morphine and my latest reactions are to Pringles Crisps, Sulphites and Printer Ink.

Suspects are: Celery, Berries, Avocados.

The reactions I get are intense itching, hives, itchy throat, tongue, gums and lips, scarlett blotchy rash across chest and face and depending on severity this spreads across shoulders, upset stomach, blisters, itchy and/or streaming eyes, sneezing, sometimes wheeziness (also Asthmatic), swelling in face and eyes, hives on lips, raw/bleeding patches in mouth/tongue.

My anti-histamine has been changed from Cetirizine 20mg daily to Fexofenadine 180mg daily as the Cetirizine was no longer keeping things under control, but the Fexodenadine isn't really helping. I have had two courses of steroids from the GP in the last few weeks to control a bad reaction to printer ink. I just seem to be going from one flare up to another at the moment and it is really getting me down....I wake up itching/scratching at night, my skin looks rubbish because of the blotchiness and blisters, my eyes are swollen and I dare'nt wear make-up because they are so sore sad (I know I am feeling sorry for myself and need to pull myself together!)

I have taken photos of some of the reactions, just in case I have a good few days before the appointment, is there anything else I should take/do/ask?

Also have contact dermatitis, metal allergy, hayfever, Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, IBS.
I was prescribed Epi-Pens back in the summer, but luckily haven't had a reaction serious enough to use them.

TIA flowers

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