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weaning a baby with cows milk allergy and silent reflix??

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kelaleahx Sat 15-Nov-14 16:08:29

Hi my baby is now 14 weeks , she's on nutramigen AA as they think she now might have cows milk allergy although she has not been refered to ped yet, she also has silent reflux, just wondering when would be the best time to wean her as she's now started to refuse bottles alot, and also what to start with , baby rice and what else ??

bakingtins Sat 15-Nov-14 19:02:27

I would wait and see what the paed advises. Sometimes early weaning is advised for reflux but IME (ds2 milk and soya intolerance - friends from the Little refluxers website) the allergic/intolerant kids were worse if weaned early and needed very gradual intro of solids after 6 months. If you googled 'allergenicity of foods' the top hit is a v useful PDF. start with the least allergenic and there is a suggested '4 day rule' between each new food so you can identify any reactions. I'd ask for referral to a dietician now as well as it can take a while to be seen. You need to be aware of calcium intake as they start to drop bottles, my LO had a supplement. If your LO is reluctant to feed it suggests reflux control isn't good and you need to review your meds.
flowers it's a tough time.

kelaleahx Sun 16-Nov-14 19:32:07

Health visitor was out with us a day last week and she said she would make app to see dietician , going to wait until then at least don't want to make her any worse as she is, I personally think her reflux is getting worse sad

bakingtins Sun 16-Nov-14 19:38:40

How long has she been on the Nutramigen AA? since the hypo milks are 'thin' in texture, some little refluxers of my acquaintance got worse on them before they got better. 4-5m was our lowest point, the sleep regression that all babies have on top of worsening food intolerances, and the start of teething, nearly finished me off. It did gradually get better. Swapping to Omeprazole helped a lot, plus going dairy and soya free (improvement in 2 weeks but about 6-8 weeks to see the full extent of the improvement)
My LR is 4.5 now and has been absolutely fine with dairy for the last 2 years, he lives on cheese sandwiches and yoghurt - it didn't seem possible he would ever eat normally when we were in the thick of it.

kelaleahx Mon 17-Nov-14 10:53:35

She's been on it a week past on Friday, had to introduce it to her starting with one scoop to her normal milk 2 the next day but she's been on full nutramigen over a week

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