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Losec and nutramigen making baby sick???

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kelaleahx Fri 07-Nov-14 10:16:11

Hi my baby is 12 weeks now she was diagnosed at 2 weeks with silent reflux, tried everything the whole keeping them upright gaviscon carobel(although she doesn't bring up any as it's silent) and now losec mups, she also has eczema all over her wee body runny nappies very windy(bum end) and really unsettled miserable wee baby .... So I've been gradually puttin her on nutramigen as they think now it could be a milk allergy or intolerance to something but since yesterday she's been starting to bring up her milk a lot ??? Never done that before, I'm not sure if it's a side effect of the losec, she's on it a week today or the nutramigen ?? Really at my wits end Hv or Gp will not refer me on to ped as she's not loosing weight I'm sick running to the doctors with her even had her at out of hours, just not fair on her she's miserable , now considering going private but in on my own with her and money's tight? But if do anything . Anyone any advice please ???

kelaleahx Fri 07-Nov-14 10:17:03

O and she even starting being sick on her sleep last night that's what annoying me had to bring her into bed beside me as I was panicking ,

Theorientcalf Sun 09-Nov-14 14:09:43

It could be that you need a milk that hasn't for any milk protein in at all. Nutramigen is a hydrolysed formula where the protein is broken down and makes it more easily digestible. You may need an amino acid based formula such as Neocate which is totally milk free.

They really should refer you, especially if she's got eczema too. You could do with seeing a dermatology and allergy specialist. Putting on weight is irrelevant. My DS always put on weight and had terrible reflux and eczema. Once he was treated he was a different baby.

What are you treating the eczema with?

kelaleahx Mon 10-Nov-14 18:51:31

She's getting nutramigen AA that's amnio acid based as well , they did perscribe me neocate but the pharmacy wouldn't give it out to me said they don't normally prescribe that for baby's under 1 so got nutramigen AA instead, just doublebase for all over then dermol on the really bad parts xx

Theorientcalf Mon 10-Nov-14 23:01:30

Of course they prescribe it for babies under ones, complete rubbish! My DS had it, I work in a hospital and loads of babies have Neocate. You're being told bollocks.

You could do with some steroid creams for the redness and inflammation, as well as emollient creams. The emollients will just moisturise but won't treat the inflammation. My DS's skin was noticeably improved after 24 hours with steroids. It's perfectly safe, and actually better to have strong steroids for a short period of time than weaker steroids over a long period of time. That's what our dermatologist told us. What do you use in the bath? We use oilatum on hair and body and wash with Aqueous. We get it all on prescription. Also use non-bio wash powder.

I'm not sure you being are treated appropriately. I would go back to your GP or see a different one, and insist on a referral to a dermatologist. We found that the GP had no clue how to treat childhood ezcema. Infact our GP told us to moisturise and go home, the dermatologist was not happy!

It's also worth seeing an allergist and dietician, who can advise you on milk and eventually dairy free weaning. You have every right to insist on a referral. It's not acceptable that the eczema is left untreated, challenge them as to why they think it is. Be firm.

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