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Dd small itchy spots on cheeks - non-specific viral?

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Echocave Wed 05-Nov-14 21:07:27

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Small red spots on cheeks - Non-specific viral?2
01/11/2014 13:53 Echocave

Dd is just turning 3. For the past 3 or 4 days she's had 3 or 4 itchy spots on her cheeks which seem to come and go a bit. The skin feels slightly rough. The spots are just red pin pricks and don't have any pus or blisters. She hasn't developed them anywhere else so far.

She has had cold like symptoms for several weeks and has been a bit off her food.

Sorry this is so boring but does anyone have any ideas on how I should treat this? She has had the CP vaccine and lack of spots anywhere else makes me think it's not that. I don't think it's parvovirus either because they're individual spots rather than a red face. I wonder if it's eczema as I suffer from it but she doesn't have it anywhere like elbow creases, backs of knees.

Is it possible just to get spots when they're run down? Any ideas for how to treat them? Thank you.

Echocave Wed 05-Nov-14 21:09:15

Sorry, I seem to have pasted things we don't need at the top - sorry..!

CheeseEqualsHappiness Wed 05-Nov-14 21:12:15

This has happened to 3 children in our close group recently. We are all just as baffled!

Echocave Thu 06-Nov-14 15:32:55

Hmm v odd. Did they go eventually?

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