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Does this sound right?

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duzzlightyearsmum Wed 05-Nov-14 10:44:26

So have just spoken to Hv regarding DD 7.5 weeks. She often forcibly brings up a significant portion of her feed and regularly has loose poos but they are otherwise normal in colour

HV has suggested reducing dairy products in my diet as it sounds like a cows milk intolerance. She is ebf. Does this sound right?


Thevirginmummy1 Wed 05-Nov-14 15:20:24

Go and see your GP. I think it is a possibility but so are loads of other things. I've found that cutting caffeine out of my diet has helped my dd. The problem with cutting out dairy is that your body needs it so it needs to be properly managed. I also know of someone who was eating a massive amount of fruit each day and this was causing her baby to be uncomfortable. If your baby is putting on weight ok then there's not too much to worry about I don't think but definitely see your GP. It might be worth keeping a food diary to see if there are any patterns to it. My midwife told me it takes 2-3 days for what you eat to get into your baby's system so bear that in mind (assuming she's right). Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on.

greenbananas Wed 05-Nov-14 22:30:37

It's possible, but then again, it might not be... Your HV can actually see your baby (unlike us), and she knows you and your baby, so I think it is worth listening to her.

What do you mean by 'loose poos'? Almost every ebf baby has fairly loose poos compared to the neat little sausages produced by many formula-fed babies?

If your baby is bringing up vast quanitities of her feeds, this may be reflux rather than cow's milk intolerance. (I feel weird even suggesting this, as lots of mums have problems with cow's milk intolerance/allergy being diagnosed as reflux - but it's just possible that in your case it is the other way around).

It might even be that you just have a huge let-down of milk which is overwhelming your baby.

Is your baby gaining weight? Is she otherwise healthy? Does she have any eczema, or sniffles, or crying episodes beyond what is 'normal'? Is there any mucous or stringy bits in her nappy?

SO many things are possible. How do you feel about going with your HV's advice, keeping a food diary and seeing what happens?

Let us know how you get on, whatever you decide.

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