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Gluten, ginger, sugar intolerant....maybe more?

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sunnyrosegarden Tue 04-Nov-14 21:38:51

I'm gluten intolerant, but test negative for coeliac. I react (IBS type symptoms) within 20 mins of eating gluten, so avoid completely. I could cope with that but also..

Sugar brings me out in huge sore spots, as do many citrus fruits,

Certain tree fruits make my lips and mouth swell (I suffer from tree pollen allergy)

Ginger make me very ill (stomach cramps, etc etc etc),

and now it is becoming clear that too much dairy make me gassy and sicky.

I am turning into my grandma who said that "eating made her ill"

we do have a family history. Dad died of bowel cancer, brother has very very bad reaction to gluten, dairy, onion. Sister is gluten intolerant.

Anyone else like this?

ArtyBat Tue 04-Nov-14 21:57:23

Yes. My mantra is 'the less I eat, the better I feel' for I'd rather feel hungry than ill.

I can tolerate apples, gluten free cornflakes, soya milk, vegetables and white meat without reacting.

The rest affects me in varying degrees from the sensation of having a red hot canon ball in my side, to severe pain, nausea, diarhoea, dizzyness, making me just want to lay down wherever I am.

bluesky Tue 04-Nov-14 22:02:09

Me too. Can recommend The Intolerant Gourmet cookbook for recipes and just useful info, it really helped me.

I cant do dairy or soya or nuts but am getting on well with coconut milk on gluten free cornflakes.

No fruit for years, but have been able to eat a few raspberries and strawberries this year, the nutritionist i spoke to said always reintroduce berries first.

I eat endless rice cakes!

Disneyfan1995 Thu 06-Nov-14 19:40:39

Have you had a referral to an allergy specialist or dietitian? They might be able to give you guidance.

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