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cows milk allergy ?? silent reflux???help!!

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kelaleahx Mon 03-Nov-14 19:12:29

Hi my baby is nearly 12 weeks old she has been diagnosed with silent reflux since about 2 weeks old she very rarely brings up mill but was always miserable and arching back etc Gaviscon didn't work she's on carobel and she has now been prescribed losec mups as all she does is cry when she's laying down she stretches her head one way and twist her back round in agony took her to out of hours as was too much one night but no one will give me an app to see peadiatricion , I never leave doctors with her but they just keep giving her different things to try, was prescribed nutramigen as she has eczema all down her we body refused that along with the nutramigen aa , I know I'm rambling but just wondering if anyone has any advice???? Just don't know what to do with her feel so nad looking at her she is so pleasant at times but something is bothering her ??? Does it sound like cows milk allergy or just silent reflux, really hate the thought of changing her milk again and upsetting her more ?? O and she refusing her bottles I be mickey of I get 3-4 onz in her compared to 6-7 she used to take

Pancakeflipper Mon 03-Nov-14 20:12:06

My sympathy. But the good news is you are aware something is not right (unlike thick old me and my DS2 was 18months old before I twigged!)

We had projectile vomit/reflux/no sleeping/only comfy when laid on me.

We were led a merry dance at our Doctors surgery, but they insisted he had just a virus ( for 18 months....)

It could a dairy intolerence or reflux so I think you should push for a referral.

Liara Mon 03-Nov-14 20:16:12

Dairy intolerance and silent reflux frequently go hand in hand.

How long has she been on the Losec? It can take a little while to really get working but it was miraculous for us.

minklundy Mon 03-Nov-14 20:20:36

Sorry. Silent reflux is horrible. Take it you've done all the propping up etc.? Mine would sleep in a carseat although some babies feel worse because they hunch.

She also needed a lot of winding. Maybe 15 minutes. And a dummy really helped a lot.

How long have you been going with the losec?

And how long did you keep trying the nutramagen? (Mine got used to it and it really worked) she is still milk protein intolerant at 7 but takes soya.)

kelaleahx Mon 03-Nov-14 20:30:30

I was introducing the nutramigen into her aptamil one scoop for a day 2 scoops for a day once I got to three she just refused it, doctors then prescribed me neocate but the pharmacy wouldn't give it out said they don't usually give it under a year, so then they have me nutramigen aa which is even worse I tasted it and actually had to spit it out it was horrible , also heard neocate isn't the nicest either - she's been taking the losec for 5 days now so hopefully shortly ill see a difference , would it be best to keep trying with the nutramigen just incase there is some intolerance there ??? Funny u say that about the car seat took her a walk 2 hours ago in the car seat part of the pram and she's still sleeping now lol

minklundy Tue 04-Nov-14 00:26:58

If she will sleep in the car seat let her. It is much more upright. Natramigen smells and tastes horrible but apparently if they get used to it before 6 months they will tolerate it. After that, no chance unless they are already used to it. I would try persevering a bit longer maybe.

Mine was on it up to at least 1. (And on neocate before 6 months briefly)

Also how often do you feed her? I found mine was best with a decent gap. 4 hours between feeds. A good bit of dummy sucking after a feed to settle. Maximum discomfort at about 1 hour and then she got a couple of hours peace before it started again but they are all different.

Losec could easily take a week. It made me feel really nauseous for the first 2 weeks (i have reflux too) so might be putting her off the nutramigen too. Although maybe not.

Hope she settles soon.

Stubbed Wed 05-Nov-14 20:56:24

You need to see a decent Dr, if it's that bad then you definitely need a referral. Our paed sorted out her drugs and dosage and she could finally sleep. Well worth fighting for someone who understands reflux

chocci21 Sun 09-Nov-14 19:37:57

My DS has been on neocate since he was 4 months and diagnosed with egg and dairy allergy. He had very severe ezcema, vomiting whenever I had egg or dairy and breastfed him (I suspected the dairy and cut down but I didn't realise about the egg for ages!).

Initially he hated Neonate but eventually doctors said I had to persevere and it took about 4-5 days but he's now been happily on it for over a year (he's 20 months now).

It's really rubbish what the pharmacy is saying about not giving it out for kids under 1 year as there's one which is for 0-12 months and we've been prescribed it since Charlie was 4 months. We have 5 tins that Charlie's outgrown (he's now on the 12 months + Neocate) so you are very welcome to come pick a couple of tins up if you want to give it a try. We're near Finchley Road tube station.

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