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How to get a care plan?

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BabCNesbitt Mon 03-Nov-14 15:58:07

Just moved back from the US with DH and DD (3). We moved there when DD was 4 months old and she was diagnosed with severe nut allergies while we were there. Now I'm hoping to find a job and a nursery place for DD. The HV and every nursery we've seen have told us that we'll need to provide a care plan, but when I've asked how to get that, they've said I should speak to my GP.

Well, I spoke to our GP last week and he had no idea what I was talking about, and told me to go back and ask the HV/nurseries. confused Called the HV again today and she told me to ask the GP for a referral to an allergy clinic, but that this could take a few months. Could anyone who's done this let me know what the normal procedure is for getting hold of a care plan for nursery/school?


ukey Mon 03-Nov-14 19:55:17

are u seen by hospital consultant, allergy clinic? they can help with an allergy plan, then a care plan can be drawn up with urself and the nursery.

BabCNesbitt Tue 04-Nov-14 08:23:18

No, I haven't seen a consultant or clinic here yet - DD saw one in the US, but all her treatment was over there.

LeapingOverTheWall Tue 04-Nov-14 08:45:57

not for allergies, but I wrote DDs care plan for school myself - two pages of A4 which covered her medical conditions, how they present (in different circumstances), what to do, what not to do, when to call an ambulance, preventative measures we wanted the school to put in place, and emergency contact details for us. Her consultant had a read through, and agreed it was all OK (although we're very into increasing self-management for DD), and school put it on file.

BabCNesbitt Tue 04-Nov-14 09:01:59

Thanks, Leaping - will need to check that nurseries will be ok with this. But I'll still need to wait for two or three months to see a consultant, then?

Lagoonablue Tue 04-Nov-14 16:26:22

Yes agree. Our 'care plan' is pretty much a short list of does and donts should DS have an allergic reaction. It is what they give you at diagnosis. To call it a care plan is a touch ambitious!

Expect to wait a while to see a consultant on NHS unless urgent. In meantime write your own action plan for the nursery.

BabCNesbitt Tue 04-Nov-14 17:35:06

Brilliant, thanks!

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