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Struggling with CMPA and formula

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SellyMevs Tue 28-Oct-14 21:31:45

DS is 11 weeks. We discovered his CMPA about 5 weeks ago. At the time we were mix feeding. I went dairy free and he was on Nutramigen 1. He also appeared sensitive to beef, but we didn't get as far as eliminating anything else. We stopped bf'ing at 10 weeks for a variety of reasons.

Going dairy free was like waking up to a completely different baby. He was so much more content. All his symptoms except reflux disappeared. He would vomit an hour or two after food, but this improved with gaviscon.

At the weekend he started reacting to his feeds. He would get hives on his face, especially where he had dribbled his milk under his chin. He would also get them over his torso. His colic returned with a vengeance and he is now inconsolable after a feed. His stomach becomes hard and distended.

I spoke to a GP yesterday. . He admitted he didn't have a clue and prescribed aptamil pepti 1 to use until I see my usual GP on Thursday evening. This made things worse! Today has been like clockwork. He feeds every 4 hours on the dot. And an hour after a feed the symptoms would begin. Eventually he settles, naps for 10 mins and then it's time for the next feed.. He just looks so distressed!

Saw another GP tonight who said to stop the aptamil and go back on the Nutramigen for the mean time. It's impossible to get anything else at such short notice. It all needs to be ordered in.

I feel so guilty. I'm dreading feeding him because I know it's going to cause him pain. I feel guilty for stopping bf'ing because I could at least eliminate things from my diet. Has anyone got any advice on formula? Or even how to cope with giving him formula that I know he will react to?! What's the difference between aptamil and Nutramigen? As far as I know, they are both hydrolysed CMP? Does he need amino acid based formula?

At the moment I think I'd take any help or advice that I can get!! Feeling a little bit helpless.

bakingtins Tue 28-Oct-14 21:35:11

Yes you need amino acid based formula, either Nutramigen AA or Neocate. The Nutramigen 1 and Pepti are different versions of the same thing. TBH every baby I've heard of who reacts to minute traces of CMP in breast milk needs AA formula, the peptides in the hydrolysed ones are similar size to what passes in BM.

bakingtins Tue 28-Oct-14 21:38:14

Get back on to the GP tomorrow, I'm sure if they prescribe AA formula and you phone around you'll find a pharmacy that has or can get you some quickly.
If you only gave up BF a week ago you will still have milk, but I assume you are back on dairy so that may not help much in the short term.

SellyMevs Wed 29-Oct-14 04:26:21

I've mostly stuck to being dairy free because I've ended up feeling awful if I've had any! I'm not beef free though. He's finally got some sleep.. He hasn't even been interested in his usual 3 am bottle. Thanks, will ask for some AA or Neocate.

Amyld Sun 02-Nov-14 21:17:34

My LO has been on Aptamil pepti 1 for a few months now as has same symptoms as other son when he was little. Been fine until the last few weeks. Gone back to screaming fits after feeds, not sleeping for long and very windy but wont burp. Is it worth pushing to try another milk x

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