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Kinnerton nut Safety promise and M&S chocs

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Newbiecrafter Tue 14-Oct-14 13:06:52

Hi there

I always buy Kinnerton nut Safety chocs for my DC including their lollies which are hello kitty or other characters.

I saw in M&s that they have identical lollies for sale, but with their Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers label.

Does anyone know if these are the same items, just labelled differently.

Dd who turned 7 recently know to check for the nut safety promise message, but was recently given an m&s lolly in one of her birthday cards and was ready to eat it because it looked exactly the same and she assumed it was.

I suppose I am asking as I need to reinforce the message that she must read the labels on all chocs and nit assume, especially if she is ever at a party/play date without me.

I don't understand why the two chocs are allowed to look exactly the same with only the label being different. It makes helping my DD difficult.

Many thanks in advance.

LackofSleep01 Sat 01-Aug-15 23:25:38

I know this is an old post, but as an employee of Kinnerton I felt I would be qualified enough to provide an answer. The answer, simply, is that M&S will not allow us to declare the products as nut free, due to some legal mumbo jumbo that I do not understand! But this does mean that M&S products are handled in all departments (including nut) so unfortunately, whilst some of their products are manufactured under that same strict no nut policy that Kinnerton products do, there is no guarantee which ones have been. I realise how hard it is to find nut free foods (we arent allowed to take any into work either) so Im so glad that your daughter can enjoy our chocolate. We have got some really amazing products coming out this year (including some very exciting advent calendars!) So i really hope she enjoys them smile

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