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Eczema patch test for 4 year old

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2011joanna Mon 13-Oct-14 19:47:32

Hi, have any other parents have had a young child go through patch testing (the 'paediatric abbreviated standard battery' where discs are applied to the back with tape)? My 4.5 yr old is due to have this and I'd love to hear how uncomfortable it is likely to be for him (including whether he's likely to tolerate being at school with the discs on his back...) and any coping strategies people found helpful. Thank you.

MumOf2Amber Tue 25-Nov-14 10:39:44

Hi - not had the patch test done but just wanted to recommend the juiceplus chewables for children (or adults) suffering with eczema. They seem to work wonders!! I've seen so many incredible results from them xx

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