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Baby eczema

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Odhran Mon 25-Sep-06 09:44:01

Our 5 week old son has developed what has been called baby eczema. His entire face is red, swollen and scabby, his ears are even worse, continually wet with a pus like discharge that scabs up when dry. It started out as pimples but these have now merged to become a very painful looking rash. We live in The Netherlands where health care professionals are less than trust worthy and we have been told to rub peanut oil on his skin and scrape off the scabs thereafter. It looks so terrible and we are very worried about it. Does anyone have any experience with this? All words of wisdom are welcome as we are quite stressed about it.

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colditz Mon 25-Sep-06 10:02:31

God really do not rub peanut oil on it!

Aqueous cream, several times a day. If it is as bad as you say, he may need some hydrocortisone cream, but try with the aqueous cream first. Use the mildest laundry stuff you can find, no softener, and don't put anything in his bath except aqueous cream, which can be used as a cleanser. Don't use lotions, oils, shampoos, anything!

alexsmum Mon 25-Sep-06 10:05:51

sounds like he might need anti-biotics. please do not rub peanut oil on and do NOT scrape off the scabs -this could be terribly painful for him. are you from the uk? any chance of getting home to have him seen?

all4girlz Mon 25-Sep-06 10:05:56

baby eczema is very upsetting there are lots of experts on here --I am not sure but scraping the scabs and peanut oil sounds abit extreme.
From my own experience bathing it with emoillents and treating what sounds infected areas would be a priority plus what about antihistamines to reduce redness although not sure in a baby so young --bumping for mums who should be back from school run soon.
Your poor baby {{hugs}}

vp01 Mon 25-Sep-06 10:28:33

our little boy was disgnosed in May when he was almost 5 months old with eczema, he had loads of little red patches on his face which spead to his legs and arms, they were as you describe, swollen, red and had loads of little pimples in that sometimes looked yellow and infected, it is only 4 months later after using oilatum, aqueous cream, antibiotics and hydrocortizone cream that our GP has now diagnosed a bacterial infection with a fungal infection on top and it hasn't been eczema at all. we have been prescribed canesten with hydrocortizone in and it has almost cleared up. Just a thought as we thought our little boy had eczema for about 4 months

Odhran Mon 25-Sep-06 10:36:59

Thanks everyone. It was a doctor who told us to use the peanut oil and scrape - see what I mean ??
We are taking him to a peadiatrician tomorrow, hopefully he will offer better advice. It is so frustrating dealing with these people. Going home sounds like a good option if we don't get some better advice tomorrow. Is this condition something that normally lasts a long time or can it clear up quickly ? It's the wetness around his ears that is the most worrying at the moment.
We are using aqueous cream and nothing else at the moment, but I have heard that this doesn't really help, it only moisturises the skin. We feel he really needs some sort of treatment. If we don't get the answers we are looking for, will definitely be going to see our GP.

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Odhran Mon 25-Sep-06 11:12:16

Hi vp01,
Your comments regarding the diagnosis of your son is very interesting as we thought it may be a fungal infection too, but were contradicted. you must have been both relieved and angry at the mis diagnosis. I have just taken some photos and posted them on the site, could you please have a look and see if the rash is comparable to that of your sons. I know that's a difficult thing to determine and the photos don't do the severity any justice. I think I will ask for tests to be done so we aren't also facing a mis diagnosis. We just want to know that we are doing everything to get it right. First time parents and we are all over the place :-)

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Chandra Mon 25-Sep-06 11:54:26

PEanut oil!!! If your child has eczema he has a certain degree of likelyhood of developing peanut allergy, so... please don't get any nut based product near him until he is much older (say 3 yrs old?)

I have had a look at the pictures and the only I can say is that DS got that pimples when his eczema was worse due to hot weather, however the yellow parts and your mention of pus point inequivocally to be infected.

I really don't know what products are available in the NEtherlands although I'm fairly confident that you will be able to find Aveeno lotion. This is a mega moisturiser that will help to keep the skin in good shape once the infection is cleared via antibiotics.

As colditz has said, check the products you are using and don't use any baby products to bath him. I'm a bit dubious of aqueous cream as it seemed to work well with DS but later he became allergic to it. However there is something very simmilar that you can also use in the bath, is called Hydrus cream, although I have found it difficult to find it out of the UK.

Chandra Mon 25-Sep-06 11:58:51

P.S. This other thread has a lot of information about how to deal with baby eczema. HTH

alexsmum Mon 25-Sep-06 12:50:45

odrhan i could only see one of your pics -the middle one.he is very cute by the way! but his skin is in a mess isn't it? i looks like it has a yellowish crustiness to it-am i right? if so this indicates a staph-aureus infection which needs treating with anti-biotics.
i can't believe the crazy advice you have been given.(both my boys have had this since birth by the way and now age 6 and 3 their skin is fab apart from the odd flare up)

vp01 Mon 25-Sep-06 20:12:05


how do I open the pictures? I tried to double click and also cut and pasted the link but I couldn't get them to open. I am a first time mum as well and I didn't even know babies could get skin infections. I am just pleased we found out what it was. Is your baby's rash itchy or is it not bothering him too much - this was one of the things that made our GP think it might not be eczema. We were also advised that he might have impetigo - this is characterised by angry red pactches that have a yellow crust to them and often weep and is normally found round the nose and mouth. I know how you feel - it is a nightmare not knowing what it is - I felt so relieved when we eventually got a diagnosis. Like Alexsmum says it sounds like your baby needs antibiotics - we had them prescribed along with the fungal cream and the red angry look to the patches started to go down after a couple of days.

Hope you get some answers soon

vp01 Mon 25-Sep-06 20:24:08

managed to get the middle photo open - it's hard to see the patches close up but I would say it doesn't look dissimilar to my little boy's rash except his was fewer but larger patches. If it yellow and weeping, it sounds like whatever it is is infected and you will need to clear this up with antibiotics or an antibiotic cream then treat the rash itself. Keep us posted

texasrose Mon 25-Sep-06 20:33:57

Hi there,
I've got a dd aged 4 with severe excema and we've used various treatments for her since she was born.
Just one has been suggested that using aqueous cream as a moisturiser could actually block the pores and make any skin disorder worse rather than better. It's much better to use aqueous cream as a soap substitute and rinse it away before applying whatever emollient you are using.
Hope he gets clear soon!

Bennzini Tue 26-Sep-06 12:15:42

Hi there

My ds suffers with mild eczema, my Health visitor recommended rubbing the affected areas with Vaseline, she said to ensure that it was massaged into the area for quite a while so that the Vaseline could penetrate the skin and not just sit on the surface.

I have been using Aqueous cream on my baby as a moisturiser and bath wash since he was born but have just discovered that it contains Sodium Laurel Sulphate which is a well known skin irritant!!!

Since learning of this I looked for something to replace it and have found a company called Neways. This Company manufacturers products without any harmful ingredients included in them. I must admit that I have changed everything in the house, including washing powder, shampoo etc. as I am very worried that the chemicals in the products we use on a daily basis are very harmful of our families.

Since transferring I have noticed an improvement in Clayton's ezcema which has pleased me no end.

Hope this helps.


alexsmum Tue 26-Sep-06 13:03:42

odhran any update?

prince Tue 26-Sep-06 23:26:04

Please do not rub the skin at all "rubbing" is the worst thing you can do for a child with eczema. Rubbing generates heat and heat makes eczema worst. Cotton clothing is best for a child with eczema. Do not use a hydrocortizone cream without being instructed to as this thins the skin and never use this cream with more than 1% on the face or genitals. Oilatum is quite good but some people can be allergic to this aswell. DO NOT USE PEANUT OIL!! By all means use aqueous cream to wash with then reapply gently (not by rubbing) Hope this helps you, and there are various washing powders such as filletti that cause less reaction but do not use anything perfumed

Odhran Thu 28-Sep-06 18:55:44

Thanks everyone. We have now been to the pediatrician who's advice was leave it alone for 2 weeks and see if it gets worse before doing anything. On the other hand my GP wanted to take action immediately and prescribed hydrocortisone. I relayed the obvious worries to her but she said on a short term basis, skin thinning ísn't a factor - hope this is true. Anyway we have only been using it for 2 days and the difference is phenomenal. The rawness is considerably less and he is less cranky so obviously the itch is less. I am not complaining but find it quite unnerving that something may work that quickly. Your advice has been of immense help and has comforted us no end

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mamama Thu 28-Sep-06 20:02:08

I only just found this conversation but thought I should add to it - my son & I both have excema. Mine isn't bad but seems to be stress-related. When I lived in the UK, I was prescribed Aveeno bath stuff & moisterising lotion. It is oatmeal based and was excellent. I moved to the US and found you could buy it in the supermarket, next to the DOve & Vaseline bodywash & lotions. I have no idea why it was/ is a prescription thing in the Uk as it has no meds in it. V. strange.

My 12 month old son has had excema since he was very little and we use the Aveeno on him to. It is recommended by pediatricians and is great. I find Aqueous cream stings both of us and doesn;t really help.

If you can, see if your dr will prescribe Aveeno. It is wonderful stuff. If not, I wonder if you can order it from the US - you could try or or I'm not sure if they deliver overseas but for me, it would be well worth it. We are relocating to the UK soon and will have to find a source of Aveeno somehow. They may even sell it in boots these days.

FYI: the itching is caused by histamine in your body. If you rub your skin, it produces more histamine so actually makes it more itchy. That said, I know how hard it is not to scratch..!

Good luck!

prince Fri 29-Sep-06 09:45:37

Just thought these two web sites may be useful and the national eczema society

Odhran Fri 29-Sep-06 10:38:53

Thanks a lot, I have heard about aveeno for the first time this week and will definitely be getting my hands on some.

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donnie Fri 29-Sep-06 11:13:12

peanut oil?? they must be crazed. it sounds like it is infected and that it needs an antibiotic like fucidin or fucibet -- peanut oil is a definite no no. The wetness does suggest infection.

Another vote for aveeno from me - but there are real supply problems in the UK at the moment ( or at least where I am in London).

prince Fri 29-Sep-06 11:39:29

when someone has asthma, hayfever or eczema these also have a strong connection to empitigo and verrucaes aswell, so if a child suffers from any of these conditions they are more likely to get these more often - they describe it as being atopical. My 19 year has bad hayfever and used to have eczema as a child and he gets these conditions really easily, luckily I can recognise them quickly and get prompt treatment.

rebelmum1 Mon 02-Oct-06 13:04:29

I hope you have found some resolution by now. It sounds like eczcema which may have triggered impetigo, your GP can take swobs to establish a skin infection. If it is impetigo antibiotics are recommended. If it isn't resolved soon your baby will develop a skin infection. I would advocate an alternative approach for eczema, this doesn't have to be in isolation of your GP but can compliment it. Homeopathy is a gentle approach which I recommend especially for such a young baby. I would talk to a reputable, registered homeopath. My daughter had eczcema which has now gone, I used a combined approach of chinese medicine and homeopathy. In the meantime use the usual creams your GP can provide to prevent the skin from breaking.

rebelmum1 Mon 02-Oct-06 13:08:31

Just seen that you have it sorted! What a relief for you, wish you well.

sunlight500 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:20:53

Message withdrawn

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