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Ms DS is going to a nut free school

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FioFio Wed 13-Sep-06 13:01:18

Message withdrawn

southeastastra Wed 13-Sep-06 13:02:38

there are tons of nuts in my son's school (boom boom) sorry

serenity Wed 13-Sep-06 13:03:23

Our school is nut free too, I'm surprised more schools aren't tbh.

mell2 Wed 13-Sep-06 13:04:28

Oh how sensible - do they ask parents to make nut free packed lunches?

HunieBunie Wed 13-Sep-06 13:04:51

All the primary schools here are but not the secondary schools.

FioFio Wed 13-Sep-06 13:05:30

Message withdrawn

mell2 Wed 13-Sep-06 13:07:31

Hope it becomes the norm.

southeastastra Wed 13-Sep-06 13:08:38

i really don't see why they have to ban all nuts though, i mean you can't start banning seafood etc

Jimjams2 Wed 13-Sep-06 13:09:00

ooh has he started? How did he get on?

FioFio Wed 13-Sep-06 13:13:22

Message withdrawn

serenity Wed 13-Sep-06 13:14:43

We're nut free because we have three pupils with severe nut allergies. It's easier to ban all nuts than just a few varieties, because people will always get it wrong and we just can't risk that here. If someone started there who had a seafood allergy, I'm sure we'd ban that too just seems sensible really.

hulababy Wed 13-Sep-06 13:19:08

I think the thing with nut allergies are they can be so severe and seem to e much more liekly to be than other allergies. Not 100% sure though.

DD's school doesn't allow any nuts to be brought into school in snacks, etc. I don't think there are any nuts in any of the food they cook either.

coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 13:21:16

only in ds2 class

Marina Wed 13-Sep-06 13:24:41

Ah Fio, how sweet
Ours is nut-free too. Ds has a severely allergic classmate so am more than happy to forgo peanut butter etc

FioFio Wed 13-Sep-06 13:27:48

Message withdrawn

PeachyClairHasBadHair Wed 13-Sep-06 14:07:33

Oh no

Ds started eating peanut butter today


Wonder how they'd react to chicken skin sarnies LOL!

batters Wed 13-Sep-06 14:22:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Wed 13-Sep-06 14:23:39

ours nut-free too. and strict food policy now in place (no birthday cakes etc)

Marina Wed 13-Sep-06 14:29:01

<I've seen it now Fio ROFL >
Does she put the little figures tenderly to bed, bulging six-packs and scowly faces and all? I found Rey tucked up with my much more refained Ursula the Lilydoll last night she obviously fancies a bit of rough!

FioFio Wed 13-Sep-06 16:15:32

Message withdrawn

Marina Wed 13-Sep-06 16:16:33

Best of British Fio, I hope he loves it XXX

marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:21:56

A friend's dd in ds1's year has a severe peanut allergy - the school doesn't have a nut-free policy though. There have been times when children have come out clutching mini Snickers bars (out of those multi-pack bags) when it's been someone's birthday - now she's older she knows not to eat them but some people are so allergic that even other people eating peanuts and then being in contact with them can trigger a reaction, can't it?

FioFio Wed 13-Sep-06 16:33:36

Message withdrawn

serenity Wed 13-Sep-06 16:36:13

Apologies if his Mum is a MNer, but one of the boys in our school ended up in hospital after toching a pack of playing cards in July, that had last been used the previous Christmas by people playing and eating nuts at the same time. I'd imagine toching a table/door handle/pencil that someone had handled after eating a peanut butter sarnie at lunchtime and not remembering to wash their hands, would have the same effect. Just doesn't seem worth the risk to me. I'm quite happy to do nut free packed lunches, and read labels when I send biscuits or whatnot in for class parties. It's really not that much effort on my part

brimfull Wed 13-Sep-06 23:21:14

Both the infant and junior schools in our town are nut free.The junior school has been shellfish free for two yrs now.No prawn cocktail crisps.
I find it really reassuring as ds has a nut allergy and he starts next september.

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