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Can Anyone Help??

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Bananamamma Wed 13-Sep-06 09:37:48


Am new to mumsnet and hope someone can 14 month old dd has a terrible red rash under her chin and neck. Looks like eczema but all the creams potions and lotions in the world cannot take it away. Steroids clear it but the next's back with a vengence. Have tried cutting out things from diet but as it's only there it's a problem. Have tried allergenics, diprobase (which helped me when I was little) and Hydromol to name a few but she's scratching it bloody and how do you stop a 14 month old from scratching???

Anyone got a similar problem or any advice??


Groveregg Wed 13-Sep-06 10:14:34

Could it be something she has eaten? My ds gets a rash around his chin, cheeks and mouth within a couple of minutes of eating something with dairy products in and scratches like crazy. I give him antihistamine liquid and it goes down within half an hour, although it remains dry and a bit red for a few days afterwards (diprobase time then).

MerlinsBeard Wed 13-Sep-06 10:15:36

DS1 used to get this and was because of him dribbling as he was teething, can you try vaseline for a day or so ti see if it is an allergy first?

EmsTomot Wed 13-Sep-06 10:50:21

I am slightly older than your little baby but had eczema as a baby up until teens - it then cleared up but has come back recently since I have had my baby - funnily enough it flared up after my mom took some washing to her house to do for me - she uses a different detergent and I came out in a rash around the neck line and on the wrists similar to the eczema I used to have. Good luck finding out what is causing it for your little one, it can't be nice for her

Bananamamma Wed 13-Sep-06 10:51:42


thanks for the replies. it doesn't seem to be an allergy as she constantly has it and it's doesn't flare up like an allergic reaction. I tried vaseline at first but it just seems to make it more red and irritated I'm afraid (although she's probably scratching it like mad when I'm not looking!!!) Also all of her clothes seem to rub it ccos it's right on the neckline. Granny thinks it's because of her teething as she's had it constantly since around 6 months so maybe she's right..

EmsTomot Wed 13-Sep-06 11:02:03

Maybe if you could get a very soft bib that goes over her head like a t-shirt, she could wear it during the day to catch the dribble as long as this didn't rub her little neck underneath.

Mum2FunkyDude Wed 13-Sep-06 11:05:08

Maybe you can get a prescription for hydrocortisone from your gp. If it is eczema it will clear it within a day.

ledodgyrobespierre Wed 13-Sep-06 11:07:13

My ds gets this and it's a fungal infection due to the area being often damp use canestan cream on it, it works a treat.

Bananamamma Wed 13-Sep-06 11:16:52

Got Fucidin H from doc and it clears it but literally the day after I stop using it it's back Also got Eumovate as a once off a few months ago. EmsTomot, thanks I tried the bib and she tries to tear it off resulting in much screaming - hates anything near her neck no matter how soft. Will try the canestan tho thanx

keepinup Fri 06-Oct-06 12:42:29

My little guy had the same thing when he was a little smaller. I used a prescription hydrocortosone cream mixed with equal parts canesten cream. We found that it was coming from an allergy in the end though, as he consistently had this problem even after he was finished with the teething and all that fun stuff. Just be aware that there still could be an allergy to foods and it may take some time to figure out to what. I would just ask your doctor to be sure.

Reet Wed 11-Oct-06 16:53:44

It could be diet - it may be worth finding out if she is allergic to anything. I really don't recommend steroid creams. My daughter had severe eczema all over her body for the first 2 years of her life, and I kept well away from steroids - a homoeopath told me that prolonged use of steroids can bring on asthma later in life. Steroids also thin the skin. I used wet wrapping with my daughter, but I understand this would be difficult on the chin/neck area! That's why it's important to find the root cause of the problem, which may well be diet.


northerndad2006 Sat 14-Oct-06 00:38:45

Reet, glad your dd managed to avoid steroids. I'd be interested to challenge the homeopath as to state the basis of her idea that topical steroids in childhood might trigger asthma in later life. I've never heard this, and of course there is an association between 'atopic' conditions like asthma, eczema and hayfever anyway. Did she offer any evidence or was it just anecdotal (which could be explained by the association)?

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 14-Oct-06 00:47:07

Definitely sounds like an eczma of sorts, and a little infected - possibly a fungal infection too. Im also inclined to think its food related allergy/dermatitis.

Have you considered the washing detergent you use?

We use daktarin cream for DD when she has had flare ups like this - its pretty good. Unfortunately with things like this treatment has to be ongoing. I think a good barrier cream is essential, and detecting what is causing irritation.

Bobbie007 Mon 13-May-13 20:45:10


Sorry to hear about your little one. Mine had quite serious dribble rash until I started buying dribble bibs from here I also put olive oil in the bath which seemed to work wonders as well as muslin bags of oats. I really hope you can find a solution.

harverina Mon 13-May-13 22:25:22

Hi is it a spotty rash? It could be thrush - my little girl has allergies and mild eczema but she also used to suffer from thrush on her neck (and bum) as a small baby.

Canesten hc cream healed it very quickly - I had been trying creams and Vaseline but our gp said that they made it worse. Maybe worth seeing your gp again to rule out thrush?

harverina Mon 13-May-13 22:26:06

I should add that the cream made a huge difference literally overnight grin

ukey Mon 13-May-13 22:30:08

is it something the wee one is wearing? e.g wooly cardis fastened under chin etc?

trixymalixy Tue 14-May-13 18:34:07

I second thrush, DD had it under her arms and where your DD has her rash regularly.

LoulouKat Tue 21-Feb-17 13:12:42

Have you tried a nice cotton dribble bibs such as Dribblebuster? These are really good for catching dribble.

PragmaticWench Tue 21-Feb-17 13:18:02

Just a note about steroid creams, they don't thin the skin permanently so please don't avoid them for that reason alone. This is backed up by proper research but I don't have the links on my phone.

There is also no known link to the onset of asthma.

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