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Dairy free or lactose free?

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cyanarasamba Sat 05-Apr-14 20:23:47

Hoping from some advice from more experienced mumsnetters! We have had DD (3.5) on a dairy free diet for 2 weeks as she was having very foul/liquid poos and consequently was very difficult to potty train.

In the last few days I can say her poos are a lot more 'pleasant' if not solid, and she has been pooing on the loo willingly for the first time ever!

So far so good, but I'm wondering where we go from here? Do I need to find out if she is dairy intolerant or just lactose intolerant, or are they in fact the same thing? I've heard cheese is fairly low in lactose and might be tolerated in small amounts, plus I'm aware of lactose free milk.

Because of other medication she takes DD is likely to be particularly prone to osteoporosis in later life, so I am concerned about cutting out all dairy long term. I am pushing other calcium sources such as sardines, broccoli, beans, etc, but it's difficult to makes these a high proportion of her diet. Going to go back to the GP but I'm not finding them particularly knowledgable in this area.

ilovepowerhoop Sat 05-Apr-14 20:27:28

no they are not the same thing as lactose is the sugar in the milk (in all milks) and issues with dairy is normally to do with the cows milk proteins. Someone who is intolerant to dairy would not be able to have lactose free products as it would still contain cows milk protein.

I would speak to your gp again

cyanarasamba Sat 05-Apr-14 22:13:48

Thanks, that's helpful. With her symptoms sounds like lactose intolerance is the most likely.

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