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Advice needed for possible lactose intolerant 15 month old

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Aliavabrooke Fri 04-Apr-14 20:56:11

I hope im posting in the right place (new to netmums!)
My 15 month old little girl had a nasty tummy bug a month or so ago (very messy nappies up to 6 times a day for a week) after phoning the health visitor numerous times during that week and being told it was because she was getting over a cold and teething I had enough and took her to the doctors.
After an examination the doctor said there was nothing wrong and it was probably just a bug but to keep a close eye on her. Again, I wasn't happy with this because I knew something wasn't right and eventually the doctor said she may have a secondaryllactose intolerance as a result of the bug.
After leaving the surgery I stocked up on lactose free milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter and everything calmed down over the next couple of days.
I was advised to gradually reintroduce lactose into her diet after a few weeks which I started to do 5 at the beginning of this week - starting with a yoghurt which she was fine with then a day later replaced herllactose free milk with normal cows milk which again, she was fine with.
Sorry if this is tmi but first thing in the morning she really struggles to poo but by the afternoon it is much much softer (not watery but occasionally a little messy) and she sometimes gets bloated later on in the afternoon.
Im really not sure if this is the lactose or something else? Has anyone else experienced this?
We're going on holiday in a couple of weeks so I want to make sure everything is sorted by then - feeling a bit useless not knowing what to do :-(
Thanks in advance

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