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Eczema - a miracle cream maybe?

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LastChance Sat 19-Aug-06 16:38:42

My ds (aged 2 and a half) had eczema pretty badly behind his knees. It was really itchy and red and sore and he hated having any cream put on it (tried Diprobase and oilatum in the bath).
Had a chat with a friend about it (cos I suffer too on my fingers) and she recommended Chinese herbal remedies. So, off I went and got a little pot of crushed herbs (costs ?6 for a tiny pot) and started putting it on ds. (It's brown and slightly gritty - and she made it especially for a small child)
Within TWO days it had pretty much cleared up completely. He's now totally clear and I'm only on the second pot (lasts ages cos you only need to use it sparingly). You have to keep using it cos it's not a cure but I think its well worth it and just thought I should share it with you all.

KJG Sat 19-Aug-06 22:15:59

Is there a special name for the mixture, as dd just had to go on steroid cream and i'm not keen on it, although has cleared it up

laundrylover Sat 19-Aug-06 22:33:47

Was it ready made or did you have a consultation - am tempted....but was worried that DD1 would have to drink some gopping herbal tea!!!

Loon Wed 23-Aug-06 14:38:58

Try Dream Cream from Lush. It cleared up my dd's eczema after gloopy steroid cream from the docs just made her sticky and the eczema no better. We used the dream cream and in a few days her skin was smooth and we've never looked back. We also use the Dream Wash as an alternative to soap.

Chandra Fri 25-Aug-06 20:34:46

There was a clinical trial of Chinese herbalism in 1992 organised by Great Ormond Street Hospital to establish the real efficacy of it for eczema. The results were very positive, all children showed an impresive improvement.

However, bear in mind that Chinese herbalism is an unregulated area of medicine with two potential problems: that the doctor may not be as well qualified in Chinese medicine as it could be, or that the herbs may be not up to the best standards. Doctors and substances are not checked. There is a possible problem of toxicity if the mixture is not correct, which may result in damage to liver or even death. So, the key here is to find a good doctor, with a good quality herb supply, so, if you decide to give it a try ask around and go to the best you can find.

[here's the clue where LastChance reveals the contact details of her very good doctor ]

pointydog Fri 25-Aug-06 20:46:03

I remember some trials looking at chinese remedies when dd2 was small and some were found to contain high percentages of steroids.

LastChance Fri 01-Sep-06 14:32:22

Hello all.

Sorry, I've not been around of late and haven't until now had a chance to get back to you all.

The Chinese doctor I use is the one that is an independent (not the chain that's pratcially in most high streets....can't remember the name.) I was put on to her from my mum who has regular accupuncture there. It is just herbs that she uses and nothing else.

It is a paste that she makes up on the spot. It's not pre-prepared if you know what I mean. I explained that it was for my 2 year old and that he would not want to be drinking any stuff (as it is very disgusting....)

She also gave me the herbs to boil up and use the liquid produced but it ponged too much for me so I didn't use it.

I'll try and hook out her practice. It's based in Havant on the south coast.

Hopefully get back next away (again!) now.

Take care.

dinosaur Fri 01-Sep-06 14:34:07

DS1 was treated by a Chinese medical practitioner for eczema when he was a young toddler. The treatment was 100% successful.

WelliesOnKids Sun 03-Sep-06 10:27:13

Hello all, would be very interested to know if anyone has tried Salcura / Zeoderm treatments for childrens' eczema. Have two toddlers who suffer (and I mean suffer!) from head to toe eczema. We have been using Salcura spray for nearly 2 weeks. It is not supposed to work overnight but would love to hear of any success/fail stories.

We are all desperate for the itch and scratch monster to leave our house and let us all get some sleep.

PinkTulips Sun 03-Sep-06 10:34:37

goats milk. replace it as the main milk drink... you won't see any differance for 10 days then slight improvemnt on days 11 & 12, by 14 days it will be completely clear.

allerganics cream from the health shop is fantastic too.

prettymum Sun 03-Sep-06 10:39:31

a cream called abido, good for eczema and acne. dd had really bad eczema between her arms, legs, behind neck, would not sleep due to it, after using the cream it cleared up completly, but it does flare up if u stop using it.

can be bought in ghanian shop, it worked a miracle on dd

WelliesOnKids Sun 03-Sep-06 13:38:22

Thank you both for your suggestions. We have tried dairy free for long period and didn't help so have reverted to regular diet. PrettyMum don't want to scare you but would check out what they say on Eczemavoice about abido - some think it may be linked to Wau Wa which has been found to be harmful.

I am now convinced eczema is only skin deep and the solution lies with treating the skin rather than internally (obvious allergens excepted). I amy be wrong...

mamado Sun 03-Sep-06 13:48:35

Although I haven't checked it out, this web site, was recommended in The Guardian a while back for natural creams which apparently heal eczema - maybe worth a look?

prettymum Sun 03-Sep-06 14:00:23

have just done a bit of research on the abido cream, it doesnt look good, iv been using it on my daughter for a few months now!!!! im going to discuss it with my gp!!

WelliesOnKids Wed 06-Sep-06 21:12:29

Hope all goes well. Hope I don't sound like know it all - just spend so much time trying new things to help the kids that stumble on all sorts.

Lets keep looking for the elusive safe and effective treatment. The oil looks promising, thanks.

LastChance Thu 07-Sep-06 16:56:54

Hi all,

I am intrigued that there are so many creams and potions that are supposed to work for Eczema that it is obvious to me that there are many different solutions for every individual. It's all down to what works for you.

The Chinese believe that Eczema is an internal problem...something to do with heat on the inside. I didn't quite get it and I didn't persue it (for myself that is) but I might after seeing how well the "outside solution" works for my ds.

I know that I suffered very badly as a toddler with eczema and that I grew out of it eventually so, maybe it is an immune-system thing and that the younger ones will grow out of it once they start differing their intake for foods etc.

I think my eczema now is stress related...alot of worries on at the mo but's only money .

Good luck to you all. Hope you find the right solution for you and yours.{grin]

Drusilla Thu 07-Sep-06 17:03:08

this and all the links on the left hand side are quite interesting for anyone contemplating chinese remedies

hayleyhew Wed 11-Oct-06 21:46:40

I have just joined mumsnet - really to talk to other mums with little ones with the dreaded eczema. My son has had eczema since he was 6 months (now 17 months) really bad but over the past 3 months it has got loads better. It started off all over his body and he would scratch everywhere - we had to walk around with him holding his arms. My husband slept downstairs with him at night with him laid on his chest holding his arms down. Pure hell - as I am sure you all know. I have tried everything! Spent a fortune. I have tried the Salcura mentioned in another thread - I tried it for 4 weeks but didnt see any improvement so gave up.
However, 3 months ago I started using Elenas Nature Collection - you have to put a soap all over baby leave it on 30 mins, shower it off then oil baby and when that is soaked in cream baby. Within a week we saw great improvements and now my son is sooo much better - he is in his cot at night and the eczema is not ruling us anymore we have it under control. Elenas collection is all natural stuff - no steroids etc. It is really expensive but if you fight for it you can get it on NHS - we do. Hope this helps some other Mums and babys.

sunlight500 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:19:36

Message withdrawn

Cayoola Tue 09-Oct-07 11:43:22

Hi guys, my life has been hell for the last 2years cos my bbay suffers very badly form eczema, i've been usin this abido cream and jus found that that its very bad..HELP!

cremolafoam Tue 09-Oct-07 12:00:05

i had skin trouble for most ofmylife.
i have probably had every cream you've ever heard of. and then some
double base
i find i am allergic to everything when my skin is having a flare up.It also feel so dry all the time that i have to moisturise 10 times a day.Have been using diprobase or e45 for this but when skin is sore it can make it worse.
BUT i have now discovered aveeno. you can get it in Boots
It has oats in it and oh God it is fab. No allergic feeling at all and it calms flare ups in a matter of seconds.Makes skin feel instantly stretchy again.It will not cure the excema but will help the horrid dryness.

hanaflower Tue 09-Oct-07 12:08:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cremolafoam Tue 09-Oct-07 12:18:51

i will just check , but i doubt it. i am allergic to lanolin and can't even wear lambswool. am reading box

cremolafoam Tue 09-Oct-07 12:30:19

aqua, glycerin,isopropyl,palmitate,parafin,cetyl alcohol, dimeticone,oat kernal flour,allantoin,cera cristallina,various alcohols,sodium chloride.

i am surprised about the alcohols as this would normally set my skin off.

hanaflower Tue 09-Oct-07 15:12:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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