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Could this be a result of dairy allergy too?

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sazzle82 Fri 28-Mar-14 09:56:55

Fairly sure dd (6 months) has a dairy allergy. Dr agrees and I'm awaiting referral to allergy paediatrician.

She has had dairy 3 times since weaning (first reaction I thought was gluten, 2nd made me realise was dairy and 3rd was on advice of HV to be certain) and comes out in eczema all down her body within a few hours. Eczema has been worse each time. She is bf too.

There are other issues which I'm starting to think may be related and wondered if anyone could help. I want to be armed with as much info as possible before I see paediatrician.

She is very snuffly and has been since a few weeks old. She snores when sleeping and mouth breathes a lot. When I put a calpol plug in or the like she breathes fine until she has a feed, by the end of the feed she is all bunged up again.

Since being weaned she struggles to poo. She does go but it's very hard and dry. The Dr prescribed lactulose but, despite having been on it for 2 weeks there's no noticeable change, other than she is very windy and uncomfortable at night so we are all sleeping a lot less. I have checked the food I am giving her with the HV and Dr and they can't understand why she is having poo issues.

Could these other issues be down to the dairy too? I haven't cut anything out of my diet yet, and am debating whether to do this or move to dairy free formula.

Can anyone tell me the symptoms their dd got with dairy allergy?


stationtostation Fri 28-Mar-14 10:04:13

My kids had Cows Milk Protein allergy, the NHS dietitian advised us not to use Lactulose that the GP had prescribed as it is derived from milk proteins. Constipation can be from the milk proteins, it doesn't always present as diarrhea.

Gileswithachainsaw Fri 28-Mar-14 10:09:01

My dd had CMP intolerence but not allergy.

Symptoms were: dry dry skin

Constantly gunky eyes
Congested permanantly (up several times a night with saline spray clearing nose)
Constantly straining and grunting except the poo was really soft, green gritty mucousy and stank horrendously. Was very acidic and her bum was red raw, the smell was so bad it woke u up instantly.
She couldn't lie comfortably on her back either.

stationtostation Fri 28-Mar-14 10:14:03

One of my twins had loose stools with specks of blood (But had been on formula for 3 weeks before the blood happened) the other used to get constipated. They cried a lot, brought their knees up to chest when crying in pain. Both had stuffy noses.
They also used to seem hungry all the time, but once they were diagnosed we realized they were just wanting to drink to soothe their throats as they were getting acid reflux from the milk allergy.

AllergyMums Fri 28-Mar-14 14:25:14

Milk caused reflux in my DD too. Constant crying, projectile pooh etc. Sounds like a reaction to milk. Keep a log of all the reactions so dr can see how constant and consistent it is.

sazzle82 Fri 28-Mar-14 16:35:01

Thanks everyone, so it sounds like the other issues are symptoms too. I'm keeping a food diary, I'll start tracking other things too know, like how bunged up she is and how her poos are.

Jojay Fri 28-Mar-14 23:46:43

Take photos and videos of her reaction too if poss. Good to show to doctors.

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