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dairy intollerance in ebf newborn

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feekerry Tue 25-Mar-14 18:15:22

will try not make this too epic but really need some opinions/advice.
ds is 7 wks old. ebf and gaining weight very well. he was reffered to a pead for extreme fussing/uncomfortable behaviour. they suggested cmpi intolerance. his main symptoms that concern me are:
- very fussy feeder,pulls on and off, looks like he hates feeding!
-v bad wind/gas.
-grunts,strains and writhes around looking in pain. esp at night
- cries and draws legs up
- liquid poo and doesn't go often
- wakes alot at night but then just fusses at the boob
- little bits of sick and hiccups
- seems to have perm snuffle

he has a partial lip tie but apparently doesnt affect him. i don't think its reflux as he is fine lying down and often fine to go to sleep.

i have been mostly dairy free for 4 weeks but find it hard to stick to. esp trying to plan meals for the family but havent had dairy in its raw form.
so, do these symptoms sound like cmpi? what is it that i can't eat? for eg, am i okay to have a tiny bit of milk in tea?
hv has me doubting it is cmpi as she said its v rare in bf babies and we have no allergies in family inc prev dc's
how strict do i have to be? literally all food i have seen (soups , crisps etc) all seem to contain dairy in some form...
thank you

Superworm Wed 26-Mar-14 14:55:15

DS gets terrible wind with any traces of dairy and soy. I have to be super strict with eliminating it completely out of our diets.

He also has TT & lip tie. TT was snipped three times but is still there. Lip tie was just left. Both ties have gotten much easier as he grew. Positioning has been key really. I saw a lactation consultant privately for a while to support me with feeding which was worth every penny. There is do much mixed info it helped just to have one source.

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