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Pistachio allergy?

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highlystrung Sun 23-Mar-14 15:08:05

Need some advice. My eight year old daughter came home from school on Friday with a hive on her face. She was itchy and also had some on her back. These continued on and off until Saturday night, though she had no respiratory symptoms etc etc - just itchy and small occasional hive patches. When I was cleaning out her lunchbox I found a pistachio shell in it. She said someone gave it to her. The itching started 10 minutes later. She's eaten pistachios before (once definitely that I can remember, and was fine). She has no other allergies, doesn't have asthma and has never had any other probs. I'm now worried she's got a nut allergy. I've got to take her to the doctors on Tuesday about something else and wanted to ask to get her referred. Am presuming they will say to wait and see if it happens again, which I'm not happy about. Shall I push for a referral?

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