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Dairy free and booja booja chocolates

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josephine1986 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:39:02

I am dairy and soy free as my 3 month old dd seems to be intolerant.
Booja booja chocs seem the only option for my choca craving, but despite saying dairy free and no detectable trace of dairy on the pack, they then say 'less than 2.5ppm casein' ie 2.5 parts per million, as I understand.

Dd is just recovering from a slip up of mine (bread) and still having symptoms 5 days on.

Is this such a tiny amount that I can ignore or shoul I avoid? Scared to give her any more pain but my restricted diet is getting to me...

AllergyMums Tue 18-Mar-14 12:53:31

I'd avoid - casein is one of those tricky things that can set off a reaction.
If you're desperate go for ZeroZebra, or Choices DairyFree. Both good - Holland and Barrett or on line.

AllergyMums Tue 18-Mar-14 15:25:46

Just checked the packaging to be sure but Moo Free is casein free too. Great chocolate - grab it from Waitrose or on line.

josephine1986 Tue 18-Mar-14 18:00:11

Ooh thanks...and much cheaper
I can't understand how booja is markete as vegan but contains casein

shugs2k8 Tue 18-Mar-14 18:34:56

Hi I was looking for some help my youngest daughter can't take dairy or soya and has a protein deficiency am geting no help for the docters, hospital or health visitor. She is 11months can I cant feed her can any 1 tell me what she can get thanks

dairyfreebabyandme Wed 19-Mar-14 08:57:05

I've not heard of anyone who is dairy free reacting to Booja Booja but a LOT of foods that vegans seem happy to eat food that has 'may contain' warnings (unless it has been approved by the Vegan society - very strict). To put this in context, this is because the machinery used to produce the food may be used for others products containing milk and even when carefully cleaned may not be clean enough (proteins are sticky and can lurk in tiny nooks/crannies etc.) Apparently a lot of machinery in manufacture has been used for milk etc. at some time or another. Zero Zebra actually 'may contain' although they do strict batch testing. See here: However, in your case, although I think a reaction is unlikely, I'd leave it until you know your LO is in the clear, just to be on the safe side. BTW Moo Free chocolate 'may contain' soya but apparently this is just to cover themselves - no one seems to have reacted to them yet. Plamil is another chocolate that is dairy free, but like Moo Free 'may contain soya'. D and D chocolates ARE milk and soya free. You can buy them online, but they're a bit more expensive. See here: Hope this helps xx

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