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Anyone Reintroduced gluten to get tested for coeliac disease

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Helenc19 Sat 15-Mar-14 10:40:34

Hi, has anyone reintroduced gluten to their diet in order to get tested? Was it worth it? Was it horrible?
I have been on a gluten free diet for about 5 years. I started having bloating and cramps after eating wheat in my mid teens which gradually got worse over about 10 years to the point I was getting really tired, loosing weight and getting a lot of stomach cramps. Thought it was just wheat that was the problem and didn't know about coeliac disease so went to the doctor, he wasn't interested and just said 'don't eat it then'
After going wheat free it became apparent that I also reacted to barley and rye so cut those out too.
Since then I have changed doctors and been offered a test for coeliac disease but haven't been brave enough to eat gluten again for the 6 weeks needed before.
DS is 9 months and so far has had no problems with gluten but as I had such mild symptoms for a long time I worry what damage could have been done and would like to know if I have it so that DS could be tested to prevent him going through the same thing. Also now I am preparing gluten containing food for him I worry about me ingesting gluten accidentally so think now would be a good time to do it if I am going to.

SilverStars Sat 15-Mar-14 10:42:23

Sounds a good time to do it. I had to eat the gluten to be tested. So I enjoyed all the foods I could not have easily when gf!! They will not test my dc though, unless they show symptoms especially at a younger age they told me.

Helenc19 Sat 15-Mar-14 15:38:31

Forgot to add DS has CMPA and is breastfeed so we are both also dairy free at the moment.

Silverstars, the thought of being able to eat some of the things I have missed while gluten free is very exciting. did you get a diagnosis? If you did and you want your DC tested push for it, it is possible to not have symptoms in the beginning then by the time there are any the damage is done

SilverStars Sat 15-Mar-14 18:35:46

Hi, yes my ds has CMPA so I also had to be dairy free whilst bf. That was hard. Yes, had blood test and a biopsy. Now gf and much better. They refused to do blood test on my dc unless they were showing symptoms, but you may have different policies in your area. A diagnosis is helpful, had bone scan and saw a dietician twice to help with eating helpful foods etc ( eg fibre, calcium and other grains.)

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