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New cat allergy?

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Weegiemum Fri 14-Mar-14 09:46:46

I've never posted in allergies before - apart from one medication I'm allergic to there are no allergies in my family at all.

In November last year we got a cat - something we'd very much wanted, an unwanted kitten from a rescue. He's settled in beautifully, just had his op and is loving going outside. He officially belongs to dd2 (10) who's aim in life is to "love animals and be like David Attenborough".

Since Christmas I've felt like I had a low-grade cold all the time - runny nose, occasional tickly cough and sore throat, and itchy, runny eyes. As an animal allergy just wasn't on my radar I ignored it. But I've recently realised my symptoms - especially the itchy eyes - are worse if the cat is in our bedroom overnight, and especially if he licks me (which I discourage anyway as I don't like the feel of his rough tongue). My feelings were confirmed in that when we went away for the weekend I was fine, and taking an antihistamine has really helped.

So poor little Severus is banned from our bedroom and I've washed/cleaned everything. Is taking an antihistamine every day just going to have to be part of my life now? We'd not re home the cat, he's dd2's most precious possession!

HellomynameisIcklePickle Fri 14-Mar-14 16:17:21

Plenty of people just live with a constant allergy to a loved pet. Like me! I must say that my cat allergy has greatly improved over time so maybe that will happen in your case too smile

Speak to your doctor about the harm of daily anti-histamines and which he might suggest is the best to take.

gretagrape Sat 15-Mar-14 19:28:28

When I got my first cat I was really ill for about a month - asthma, puffy eyes, runny nose, etc - but as I got used to it the symptoms subsided. I didn't take anything for it though. I am still careful about making sure I wash my hands after I've touched the cat because if I forget then touch my eye they get all puffy, but other than that I don't get any symptoms. Also, I don't let her sleep in the bedroom, mainly because black cats and white duvets aren't a great mix!

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