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Eczema and staph

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GeorgieJo Tue 04-Mar-14 10:02:12


My 20 week old son has mild eczema on his body, and two severe patches in his cheeks.

We have been treating with Eumovate, but haven't seen much of an improvement in the patches on his face. Now a skin swab from his face show he has a staph infection, and they have prescribed Fucidin as well.

I am so worried for him. His sleep and deteriorated recently (although it was never great) and now I think perhaps the infection is really bothering him.

He is mixed fed - I am excluding eggs, dairy and soya and we are on a hypo-allergenic formula.

Just feel so helpless. Does anyone have any experience with staph infections? Google kept bringing up pages on MRSA which was worrying. Will he grow out of the eczema on his face? It is really unsightly, and being a teenager is hard enough anyway!

Thank you for any advice


Karlii1991 Tue 04-Mar-14 11:16:03

I can't really help on the staph infection but I grew up with eczema. When I was born I was covered from head to toe with it my cheeks would crack and I remember getting impetigo on top of the eczema.

My mother used to bath me in aqueous cream which was prescribed from the doctor and we had endless amounts of different creams and emollients. Oilatum is good it's a liquid paraffin I believe, therefore you can cleanse the skin without it irritating. I am now 22 and have grown out of eczema to a certain degree but hot days can cause irritation where you are most likely to sweat like behind the knees, elbow creases and inner thighs used to be a killer for me.

but I rarely have any problem not enough to have to use cream or anything.

one holiday we went on i spent everyday in the sea and that seemed to do the trick on clearing the eczema.

canyou Tue 04-Mar-14 13:00:52

I have a toddler with touch wood eczema-- that is inder control. We found in an out break citric acid was a killer culprit Dd loves fruit and berriessad
When the skin is broken I do add milton to her bath and so have just had one incident of staph when she was in hosp angry and loads of cream esp if teething to provide a barrier on the skin. When skin is not broken just red then a bath maybe twice a week and a wash down the rest of the time. I also bought a bosh washing machine which has a baby wash cycle and means no detergent in the machine. All helps but I will take any advice.

canyou Tue 04-Mar-14 13:14:18

oh and my little one had rough red checks until her teeth were through. Nothing really worked on them but the fustian h was a god send when he was really sore and itchy. And buy loads of mittens tesco is cheap as they will need to be changed more often then you think

freefrommum Tue 04-Mar-14 15:17:17

My DS (now 6) has had severe eczema and multiple allergies since he was a baby. Most eczema sufferers carry more bacteria on their skin than everyone else and because their skin is often broken this often leads to infections (similar to impetigo). According to the dermatologist, my DS's skin carries a very high level of bacteria, even for an eczema sufferer so we wash him in Dermol everyday - Dermol 600 in the bath and Dermol 500 as a soap substitute - as it contains an anti-microbial to try to avoid the infections. However, we still have to regularly use Fucibet on infected areas on his body and Fucidin H on his face or scalp. A few times the infections have been so bad he's had to take strong antibiotics but these days we know what to look out for and use the antibiotic ointments as soon as we see an infected spot appear so haven't had to give antibiotics for a few years now. His eczema is generally under control these days and we live in hope that he will eventually outgrow it hmm.

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