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Can you help me meal plan a dairy/soya free diet for my 2yo?

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PickledLily Mon 03-Mar-14 12:45:21

I want to try going dairy free for a while to see if it helps DDs symptoms (silent reflux, mild eczema, constipation) but need some help starting, the problem being she's a very fussy eater and loves her (and my!) milk.

Typically, for meals she has:
Breakfast - Milk, porridge or cereal, toast, OJ or fruit
Lunch - Pasta (lasagne or with pesto) or cottage pie, flapjack or fruit/custard
Tea - Houmous, cucumber, olives, bread, ham, cheese etc yoghurt
More milk before bed.

Snacks are usually fruit/veg/raisins

She won't touch fish (except fish fingers), solid meat, anything sloppy eg soup, or anything bitty eg couscous or rice.

Any suggestions?

calina Mon 03-Mar-14 14:59:23


My DD is very allergic to dairy but she can eat soya products.
I usually cook everything myself using dairy free margarine or veg oil instead of butter and she has soya milk /yogurt for breakfast and soya milk before bed.
Also you might find this link interesting:

Good luck.

PickledLily Tue 04-Mar-14 11:25:57

THanks for the link calina, i'll take a look.

dairyfreebabyandme Wed 19-Mar-14 09:41:59

I think it would help you to know a bit more about dairy and soya free substitutes. You can then adapt a lot of ordinary recipes. Some subs are better than others and it's all a bit of trial and error to find ones that suit you. Check out Alternative Stores online. They have loads of vegan 'cheese' and 'yoghurt' some of these are available in local health food shops and Holland & Barrett. There's loads of milk alternatives in most supermarkets. Rice milk isn't suitable under the age of 4.5. Just make sure you choose one that has added calcium and vitamin D. Koko coconut milk and Oatly oat milk are both popular but I find Oatly tends to separate more readily. I prefer almond milk myself.

RE. meals Does your LO like spag bol? Sausages (make sure they're dairy free - The Black Farmer's are our fave) and mash? Lamb casserole? Omelette? Eggy bread? Jacket potato with tuna and mayo (Hellmanns' Original is fine) We sometimes 'roast' chicken pieces, Tescos and Sainos both do free from chicken nuggets in their frozen free from section and have recently added a few desserts as well.

Many cakes and biccies in the supermarkets are dairy free too - it's the cheap value ones normally that are made with veg oil, 'cos it's cheaper.

Hope this helps


Superworm Wed 19-Mar-14 22:00:32

DS has dairy & soy allergies and is also two. Also won't eat rice etc Favourites here are:

Breakfast: porridge & Koro coconut milk with blueberries.

GF fruit toast with dairy free spread

Fruit wheats with Koro milk


Gnocci with bacon and peas with oatly cream sauce.

Jacket potatoes with tuna mayo sweetcorn (Hellmans full fat is dairy free), or baked beans, avocado & bacon

polenta chips cooked in the oven with peppers & tomatoes, plus scrambled egg.

Ham egg and chips.

Bangers and mash.

Asda do a DF/SF pesto in their free from section.

Roast dinner.

Snacks : avocado and bread sticks with olives.

Hummus & cucumber dip

Corn cakes with marmite.

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