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2yo. Constant very sloppy poo

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pickleandspud Tue 25-Feb-14 17:43:56

Lovey titles think
My 2 yr old DS has always had sloppy poop, we have been referred to hospital and dietician and we did the dairy free, no difference, I think it's wheat/gluten related but he has tested neg for coeliac, his poop canbe either mucus like or very sandy but still loose, only had about 10 solid poo's in his life and that's been after constipation.
Anyone have any ideas please?
Coeliac and wheat intolerance is in the family
Sorry for all the poop talkgrin

drivenfromdistraction Wed 26-Feb-14 10:41:57

Under 5s are more likely to test false negative for coeliac because their immune system isn't fully developed.

Since it's in the family, then you have very good grounds to ask for an HLA-typing blood test, to see whether DS carries either of the coeliac genes (DQ2 or DQ8). If he doesn't have the genes, then he can't be coeliac. If he does have one of the genes, then it doesn't mean he is coeliac, but it does add to the evidence suggesting that it's possible.

I have a DS diagnosed coeliac at 4yo (blood test and biopsy) and another DS who at 3 showed several of the same symptoms but tested negative at both blood test and biopsy. HLA-typing showed that he has the same coeliac gene as DS1 though.

With the gastroenterologist's support, we are considering him 'probable coeliac' and have gone gluten-free with him (easy to do as we were doing that already for DS1). The symptoms (bloating, anaemia, lethargy) all went away on the gf diet.

We plan to test again when he's about 7 (which is apparently when the immune system is fully developed so test more accurate). That will involve a 6 week gluten challenge, which will be a pain and possibly make him quite ill if he is coeliac. There is some research going on currently into a possible future test which would only require eating gluten for 3 days to see subtle mucosal changes. I am hoping that might become a reality in time for us!

pickleandspud Wed 26-Feb-14 11:52:11

Thankyou, we are back to hospital next week. We can't potty train properly because of this at the mo and he gets really upset sometimes

drivenfromdistraction Fri 07-Mar-14 08:35:25

how did the hospital visit go pickle?

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