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egg allergies

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zommerslefteyeball Mon 17-Feb-14 11:49:37

I've developed a few food intolerances after having kids, and one of them seems to be eggs.
I forgot stupidly chanced my luck that this weekend and had some scrambled eggs. It wasn't a massive portion, only a tablespoon's worth or two spoons at the most, but within a couple of hours I ended up glued to the couch with a hot water bottle for stomach ache, a headache and a massive need to sleep.
At the time I never took any drugs to get rid of the symptoms because I felt too awful to move or think about what was best.
Right now I have asked to be shot if I forget and eat them again, but I was wondering - for those of you with similar intolerances/results, would you ride out the symptoms or take anything, and if you take something what do you recommend?

TisforTiger Mon 17-Feb-14 21:08:29

Hi, I've not got food allergies myself but my DS has. So can't help with your experience. But I did want to highlight that sudden sleepyness can be a sign of anaphaletic shock. So perhaps you need to see your GP/specialist?

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