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earring allergy

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Lizhaworth Sun 16-Feb-14 09:06:09

Hi ladies,

Im hoping you can help me, I have really sensitive ears so can't wear high-street /even high street jewellers earrings, do you know where I can get earrings that won't make my ears all red and itchy?

Someone told me I need nickel-free, but I wouldn't know how to tell if it's nickel-free?

I've seen some 'hypoallergenic' stud earrings but they are pretty basic studs you would get pierced with, and I want some pretty ones like my friends can buy from the high-street.

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks a million


LuckyDayInHell Sun 16-Feb-14 12:01:09

I have sensitive ears too and the only earrings I can wear are pure gold.
Yup, we are expensive ladies!
You also have to make sure they are completely sterile before putting them in.
The good thing about pure gold is that it is an unreactive metal, so you can safely boil them in water for 5 minutes and they will be unchanged.
Obviously you can't do that with plastic, pearls (it dissolves the adhesive attaching the pearl to the post) or 'plated' earrings. Avoid plated like the plague!
There are coatings you can apply to the posts to make them less reactive, but IME it lasts for an hour and just isn't worth it.
Hope this helps!

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