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Best probiotics for a toddler? Eczema flare up

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Pinkie2103 Wed 12-Feb-14 20:14:42


I moved back to the UK just before Christmas (from Australia) with my toddler (2 years 9 months)

He's always had the odd patch of 'dry' skin but we've usually been able to keep it under control. He saw a dermatologist about 18 months ago who diagnosed mild psoriasis and prescribed a cream to help.

Unfortunately, since getting home his skin has flared up and I've tried all my usual creams and lotions but nothing is working. I'm not sure if its a chance of climate, food or something else but before I start eliminating food groups I want to try probiotics again. I just don't know which are the better ones here

The main problems are on his torso and patches on his arms and legs. It seems to be dry patches plus rough skin all over that area

Any tips or advice would be great


oopsadaisyme Wed 12-Feb-14 20:35:10

My eldest used to suffer awfully with psoriasis, the best advice I was ever given was don't over subscribe - as hard as it was initially, I bathed once a week in oilatum oil, (i used to bath once a day), and trouble spots just in aqua cream - the skin can heal or learn to??

I don't know if that helps you, but my son got a million times better with that x

Waltonswatcher1 Sun 16-Feb-14 22:24:55

Biogia probiotics .These are Internet only. Our consultant prescribed them ,not cheap but the real daughters gut loves them !
Psoriasis is a pain,I am covered and I know it's the time of year-we all need some sunny days.
My psoriasis is always better when I avoid nickel laden food and stick to organic meat and dairy -as I am penicillin allergic .

Waltonswatcher1 Sun 16-Feb-14 22:27:50

And I agree with the last post -skin is best left well alone with the minimum amount of lotions and potions. People bath children too often I believe .

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