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Weaning early to avoid allergies?

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monniemae Mon 10-Feb-14 19:22:45

My 20wo bf baby had a severe reaction to formula last night, GP suspects cows milk allergy. He was explaining she's at risk of other allergies too with v bad eczema and mentioned some Australian research which suggests early weaning is better for reducing allergies, and an ongoing Guys study. I've had a look but now more confused than ever - I had been planning to definitely wait to blw till 6+ months because of the family history of eczema & deadly allergies (on her dad's side).
Anyone with experience/insight they can share with me please?

ameliarose2012 Mon 10-Feb-14 19:42:00

I did a lot of research when deciding to wean DD. We started her early as I read a lot of studies show that the instances of allergies are actually higher in babies who are weaned late. I restricted gluten, but didn't avoid it altogether. I was ready to start her at 18wo, but she got a stomach bug and ended up in hospital then so we waited til 20wo. I think you shouldn't just listen to what the doctors tell you. Research and make up your own mind xxx

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