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Any experience of using nutramigen??

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TigerLily666 Wed 29-Jan-14 21:40:07

My DS had been doing really well on normal formula (6.5 months old) then out of the blue got really bad diarrhoea (no temperature or vomiting) for 10 days+. After 2 GP appoints and a hospital visit we have ruled out bacterial infection and virus now seeming unlikely as no improvement so GP has suggested lactose intolerance and put us on a special formula (nutramigen).

Finding it really hard to work out if the nutramigen is helping as he is now getting runny green poo (which can be a side effect of the new formula) or poos that are a bit like smooth peanut butter, or one one occasion really watery. they all smell horrible. We have had six poos today which is only slightly better than when he had regular diarrhoea.

Am utterly bewildered and overwhelmed (and not just because of the stink of the formula)

Has anyone any experience of using nutramigen and willing to share graphic details of what their baby's poo was like on it?
Also how long does it take for poos to settle down when switching formula?
Can lactose intolerance develop so suddenly? We have been weaning for a while and have previously had yoghurt / cheese with no problems. Is there a test for it - my GP said not.
Finally, any advice about getting a referral to a paediatrician or dietitian
- my HV is generally useless

Any help or thoughts or advice really welcomed

So confused.

Babiecakes91 Mon 03-Feb-14 23:37:55

This happened to my son but he was only 8 weeks old. He couldn't take nutrigem ( can't spell it) as it didn't settle his poos but they switched him to neocate the week after it did wonders. He was losing weight until we got him on neocate then started gaining.
If it doesn't settle or seems a bit worse I would ask about another milk as some still don't work i found its trial and error.
He's now almost 3 and still has a milk allergy but thanks to the neocate we got threw the first 2 years as they stopped it when he was 2 now he uses soya milk.

trixymalixy Wed 05-Feb-14 10:08:33

My DS is allergic to cow's milk and reacted to the Nutramigen as it still contains milk proteins albeit hydrolysed.

He was better with Neocate.

Allergies/intolerances can appear at any time, no matter how many times you have eaten the food without issue before.

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